Affpilot is the powerful AI writing tool that accelerates the content creation and publishing process. With a single click, it can generate and publish up to 1000 articles that not only meet SEO standards but also match the quality of content created by human writers.

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Most AI tools only produce basic content, but Affpilot AI is different. It’s designed specifically for SEO experts and content marketers who need content that is not only SEO-optimized but also satisfies the search intent of the user.

Thanks to its integration with GPT-4, Affpilot is able to produce 3000+ word long articles in just a moment, saving you hours of time and effort.

Create and publish up to 1000 SEO-optimized, original articles on your WordPress or Blogger site with just one click!


Effortless Article Creation: Affpilot AI allows you to generate up to 1000 unique, SEO-friendly, original articles with just one click. It supports multiple languages and includes AI-generated visuals to enhance engagement.

Automatic Posting to Your Sites: You can directly publish articles to WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot without manual copying or formatting. You can also schedule posts at different intervals.

Advanced SEO Tools Included: Affpilot provides extra tools for keyword research, keyword clustering, and topical map creation to help you find low-competition keywords and organize them efficiently.

Proven User Success: With over two years on the market and more than 13,000 paying customers, Affpilot AI has a proven track record. The results speak for themselves – it’s a tool that delivers its promises.

Here’s how Affpilot AI Works:

Create 1000 articles in one click

With just one click, Affpilot can generate and auto publish to your up to  1000 high-quality, SEO-friendly articles that match or even surpass the quality of those produced by human writers.

Thanks to its integration with GPT-4, Affpilot is able to effortlessly create long-form, human-like content with a click of a button.

Try it now and experience the power of advanced AI technology in simplifying your content creation process.

Use cases of Affpilot AI

  1. AI Bulk Article Generation
    Enter your keyword and generate up to 1000 unique, human-quality, SEO-friendly articles with one click. Ideal for quickly creating a large volume of content.
  2. Customizable Article Creation
    Add your own subheadings with keywords, or use Affpilot’s customizable outlines to create SEO-friendly articles. Perfect for controlling your article structure while saving time and ensuring a personal touch.
  3. Integrated Article Editor
    Write, edit, and publish articles directly in the Affpilot dashboard without needing a separate website. Streamline your content creation process and easily schedule posts to WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot platforms.
  4. Short and Quick Articles
    Enter your keywords, and Affpilot generates a human-quality short article in a minute, automatically publishing it to your website. Ideal for quickly updating your blog.
  5. Amazon Review Articles
    Create optimized, human-quality product review articles in under a minute. Perfect for affiliate marketers aiming to boost their Amazon sales. You can manually input keywords and choose the 10 products based on ASIN number for more control.
  6. Enhanced SEO Tools
    Affpilot includes advanced tools for keyword research, keyword clustering, and topical map creation to help you find low-competition keywords and organize them effectively. You can also generate FAQs to enhance user engagement and improve SEO.
  7. Competitor Keyword Analysis
    Insert a competitor’s domain or sitemap URL to discover their keywords. Helps refine your SEO strategy effectively.
  8. Blog Article Outline and Structure Generator
    Create detailed article structures and outlines using Affpilot. Makes the writing process more organized and efficient, from generating introductions to producing compelling conclusions.
  9. Biography Articles and Real-time Data
    Generate biography articles using real-time data with Affpilot.
  10. Content Refinement Tools
    Improve readability and clarity with sentence correction features. Rewrite paragraphs to enhance SEO and engagement, ensuring each article is polished and compelling. Generate SEO-friendly paragraphs and introductions to maintain reader interest throughout the article.


Pricing - Lifetime Deal - Pay Only Once

Affpilot – Lifetime Subscription

  • 150k words/month
  • Write up to 1000 unique and original articles in one click
  • Draft, schedule and publish options available from Affpilot to your Wordpress/Blogger sites automatically
  • Both Long-form & Short-form AI content writer
  • Write info, product review and biography article
  • Generate 4,000+ word articles from a single keyword
  • Add manual subheadings optionally for more control
  • Add FAQs optionally with schema markup to win featured snippets in SERPs
  • Add a relevant high-quality AI generated featured image automatically
  • Free topical map generator and 3 keyword research tools included
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$199 $1,990

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How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Are Affpilot written articles unique and plagiarism free?

Absolutely! Affpilot generated articles are Unique, SEO-friendly, Human-like, and reader-friendly.

How can I write Amazon affiliate based Top 10 best product review articles?

You can write Amazon affiliate based product review articles just in 1-click. You have two options to do that:

(i) You will just input a list of keywords. For every keyword one complete review article will be generated. To do that simply use Affpilot feature: AI Review Article.
(ii) You will enter a keyword. Affpilot will show you 30 products from Amazon. You can select the products and write the article with those products. You can select 1 to 10 products with the option: AI Review Article (Manual).

Is Affpilot generated article SEO optimized?

Yes, Affpilot article is SEO optimized. We have discussed with more than 100 SEO experts and writers to improve the writing quality. You can also join our Facebook community and see the discussion insight.

Why is Affpilot better than any other writing tools?

Other writing tools just call language model api and get the texts. It’s easily possible to detect that content is written with AI! But no AI detection tools can detect Affpilot written article as AI.

We are using our own machine learning language and powerful algorithm to make a high-quality article. We are using four different APIs where other tools use only one! We are continuously getting suggestions from our users and implementing those recommendations. You can also contribute in Affpilot by joining the discussions we regularly have in our facebook community.

Which feature is best for writing Info Articles?

To write an info article we have 4 features.
(1) AI Info Article (New)
(2) AI Info Article (Editor)
(3) Write article with your own subheadings (h2)
(4) AI Info Article (Old)

To write info articles, you’ll just input a list of keywords. Then you can set various parameters for that article, such as, length of the article, including image or not, embedding video or not, tone of the article publishing/scheduling the articles etc. Affpilot will write articles tailored to your needs.

How frequently do you update your Affpilot?

Since SEO and Google updates are being changed frequently, we also improve the article quality to a higher rank on Google and other search engines.
We update every feature of Affpilot so frequently to make the article SEO-friendly, in-depth, and human-writer quality.


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