[Sold Out] AnalyserPRO Social Media Analytics Lifetime Deal

Uncover Competitor Marketing Strategies On Social Media & Get Instant Insights To Optimise and Grow Your Business

4.2/5 28 ratings

$49 $2940

Stop Guessing with Competitor Spying

Monitor and analyse competitor's performance

Generate Optimised Social Strategy

Add Multiple Brands and Generate A Successful Base Social Strategy

Detect what posts Convert & bring sales

Detect and monitor the value and ROI of posts

Sentiment Analysis: Feeling Sad? Happy?

Instantly see how people feel about your brand

Stop guessing & learn from your competitor's social media campaigns

Is your social media a mess? Do you even know where to look?

When done the right way, social media can be one of your best performing channels. However, this is easier said than done. The savviest marketers and founders leverage social media analytics tools and data to inform strategic marketing efforts.

Make sure you’re effectively measuring your brand’s performance and analyzing social data to effectively market your brand for success!

Get a full view of your competitor’s digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram and more

Link up to 15 competitors and up to 45 Facebook and Instagram profiles to fully analyse their strategy. Get insights in likes, reactions, shares, Social ROI, competitor’s ads, lifetime value, sentiment and much more.

Identify and learn from your competition’s best performing organic posts.

Analyser PRO analyses each comment, each interaction, and each conversation to give you tips to increase conversion

Analyser PRO goes beyond the standard analyzing of competing social analytics tools. Analyser PRO literally analyses everything, from interactions, engagement, sentiment, comments, reactions and much more to provide you with insights that other platforms can’t.

Link Multiple Competitors and Get an AI-Optimised Social Strategy to Outsmart Them All

This is one of the best features of Analyser PRO. When you connect multiple Facebook accounts, yours or from competitors in your sector, Analyser PRO is going to do some magic in their AI feature called: Mixer Tool.

It analyses their full social strategy, best performing posts, comments and much more to provide you with a fully optimised base social strategy calendar to outsmart your competition.

Instantly know how people feel and think about your brand (or your competitors brand)

See how people are perceiving your or your competitor’s brand. Are people feeling positive, negative, angry? Analyser PRO provides this information in a simple overview.

Detect what posts convert and bring sales

With AnalyserPRO’s Inbound Cycle Analytics feature you can exactly see what posts generate awareness, engagement and what posts generate conversions and sales.

Combine this with the Social ROI features and you are now able to fully optimise your social strategy by creating more conversion optimised posts.

Made for Marketers, Social Media Specialists, Entrepreneurs and Agency Owners

Understand and communicate the true impact of your work on socials. Monitor and benchmark your Facebook and Instagram pages against your competitors with Analyser PRO’s unique competitive metrics.

Effortlessly demonstrate Return on Investment to your clients and know the strengths and weaknesses of their social strategy even before they become your client.

Analyser PRO is your competitive radar and social optimizer.

Learn how this company grew 178% in Social Media ROI, while decreasing costs by 75%, with AnalyserPRO

Find out how this company decreased its costs and investment in Facebook advertising by 75%, and still managed to increase their conversion rates and reach by using AnalyserPRO. Download the Case Study here.

Analyser PRO has helped me in predicting my customer’s behavior.

Melisa PomeroManager

Analyser PRO has made it very easy for me to understand which images on social media are working and which ones are not.

John SwayGraphic Designer

Analyser PRO is a genius software that has helped me understand human nature and then modify my content according to it.

Amanda LeeUX designer

AnalyserPRO Lifetime Subscription

4.2/5 28 ratings

$49 $2940

    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s included in the AnalyserPRO Lifetime deal?

Save 98% and pay $49 for a lifetime license for Analyser PRO

Analyser PRO Lifetime Subscription


30-Day Money Back Guarantee
4.2/5 28 ratings
    • Competitor Spying
    • Analyse your own brands
    • Suitable for Facebook and Instagram
    • Coming Soon: LinkedIn, YouTube & Twitter
    • Social ROI Analytics
    • Inbound Cycle Analytics
    • Social Mixer Tool
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • 15 Brands (buy 2 deals to get 25 brands)
    • 45 Profiles (buy 2 deals to get 75 profiles)
    • 1 user (stackable to more)
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How do I activate the Lifetime License?

After purchasing you will get a unique license code in your mailbox. Simply sign-up and add your license code directly in your account and your lifetime account is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

No worries: We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee!

Can I purchase more deals to get access for more users, brands, profiles and posts?

Yes, if you purchase 2 deals, you will get access to their Agency plan. You will then get access for 25 brands, 75 profiles, 25 posts per profile and 3 users. If you buy 3 licenses, you will get access for 6 users, if you buy 4 licenses you will get access for 9 users, if you buy 5 licenses you will get access for 12 users and so on!

Where can I find more information about Analyser PRO?

Feel free to check all the information on their website

Will I get access to future updates of Analyser PRO?

Yes, you will get access to future updates and integrations

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Is it also working for Twitter or for now just Facebook and Instagram?

Mike Blaster

Twitter will be added in about 3 months, also LinkedIn and YouTube are in the roadmap for this year.

We decided to begin with Facebook because we can get there insights useful in every other Social Network.


Are those social media platforms going to be added to the LTD?

Mike Blaster

Yes Roberto,

They will be added.


there is access for more than one user?


Is there a video that explains exactly what this does? It’s hard to tell by slides and no one explaining it. I can’t decide if it is something I can use or not.

Mike Blaster

Thanks Robin for your question.

We have some videos in spanish, but you can try the App for 7 days and check all options before buying 🙂

Josecar Peniet
Josecar Peniet

This SaaS is a must for every business or marketing agency owner.
Don’t hesitate, grab this LTD now because this is the future of social media analysis.


Only for report with competitors? Can we just want a report that analyze our own brand? Not competitors.


This just analysis the last 15 posts of each profile, is that right? Don’t you find this very limiting? I have competitors that do 15 posts in 3 days, so i’ll only have this much data? My recommendation is that it would be better if it were limited by a timeframe, like 3 months of posts…. To me, 3 months would be a perfect timeframe, 3 days is unfortunatelly not interesting to me