Certyfile is the leading platform for safeguarding and certifying your private documents using cutting-edge Blockchain technology.


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Certyfile is here to provide you with the most secure and efficient way to protect and preserve your private documents. By utilizing the latest Blockchain technology, Certyfile takes digital notary solutions to a whole new level.

Easily register, store, and share all of your sensitive documents without ever having to worry about anyone else accessing them. With Certyfile, you can keep Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), collaboration agreements, manufacturing processes, algorithms, and much more securely stored so you can share them with confidence.

Protect your important papers from prying eyes and make sure Certyfile is part of the solution!


Certyfile is your digital notary service to safeguard and notarize all of your sensitive documents online.
Complete legal compliance is ensured through cryptography.
Certyfiles reduces expenses and boosts your profitability.
The certifications provided by Certyfile are in complete accordance with local and international laws.

See how simple and fast it is to certify your files on the Blockchain thanks to Certyfile:

Secure and notarize your files in only 4 easy steps.

Certyfile is designed to assist businesses that handle information that needs to be protected from third parties while also producing trustworthy evidence of ownership.

How does Certyfile work?

Certyfile covers:

  • Companies that place a high importance on R&D (technology, biotech, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Companies that rely heavily on GDPR (law firms, HR, agencies, property managers, insurance companies, etc.)
  • Companies that handle sensitive information (commercial agencies, suppliers, agencies, etc.)

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their goals

Main Benefits of Certyfile:

  • You do not need to rely on a third party. Certyfile substitutes mathematical proof for confidence.
  • Because of the transparency of an immutable layer, you may securely and transparently track every activity from its inception. It encourages and makes independent audits possible.
  • Your certification data is securely and confidentially saved under a unique digital trace thanks to cutting-edge cryptographic technology.
  • The blockchain-based hashing and timestamp provide the finest digital evidence to ensure a document’s legitimacy.


My experience with Certyfile has been very good. At the beginning I had doubts about the files that I could or could not upload to the web, but I wrote to them and they answered me on the same day. Besides, later / discovered that they had the answer in the FAQ, in case someone else needs it. As for the rest of the things, highlight its usability since in a few seconds I was able to register and upload the first document.


Certyfile is a tool that anyone in business can use, without having to waste time reading a manual or bothering a technician. This made my job much easier. And technically everything went smoothly. The document registration process is easy and safe.

Jeyson Shanatos

I have just certified several documents and everything is very fast and perfect. This is indeed a good use case with blockchain technology, which is going to transform the notarial industry. For price and ease of use.


Certyfile works really well and has surpassed my expectations. I've registered several files and the process is very simple. I was expecting a longer wait time between sending the files and getting the register confirmation, as l know some blockchains take a while to confirm transactions, but it was fairly fast. I think it is a great tool to protect myself and my clients, and quite a bargain to keep my peace of mind.


After having used it with some of my company's confidential files, I think it is a very useful tool, especially for small and medium-sized companies that can't afford the technical development Blockchain technology usually needs.


Pricing - Lifetime Deal - Pay Only Once

Certyfile – Lifetime Subscription

  • 200 registrations per year
  • Digital identity
  • Fully legal compliance arround the world
  • Always up-to-date blockchain technology
  • Guaranteed by cryptography
  • Future premium upgrades included
  • Standard technical support
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$59 $990


Certyfile – Lifetime Subscription (2 codes)

  • 500 registrations per year
  • Digital identity
  • Fully legal compliance arround the world
  • Always up-to-date blockchain technology
  • Guaranteed by cryptography
  • Future premium upgrades included
  • Standard technical support
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$118 $1980


How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

What is the legal validity of these certifications?

Blockchains are considered as public attesters that we all know and use regularly (such as notaries, land registries, commercial registries, etc.). A Blockchain certification is an alternative to these traditional registrars and, therefore, equally valid to accurately verify the date, content, and ownership or authorship of any digital or documentary content (contract, minutes, audio, image, …).

iCommunity Labs, owner and marketer of Certyfile, complies with eIDAS regulations and is a trusted electronic services provider authorized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain.

What type of digital content can I certify?

You can certify all kinds of different events associated with any digital content. Some examples below:

  • Contract signing
  • Signing of minutes of meetings
  • Photographic evidence (such as proof in a product claim, for an insurance part, demonstrating attendance at an event, etc.)
  • Audio recordings (conversations, speeches, etc.)
  • Audiovisual compositions (songs, presentations, etc.)
  • Designs (plans, sketches, prototypes, etc.)

Founder’s Note

Hi all,

I am Miguel Ángel Pérez, CEO & Co-founder of iCommunity labs, the leading blockchain as a service technology platform in Europe. And we're excited to introduce our innovative new product to the entire Dealify community. Certyfile.com!

Certyfile is the definitive and most advanced solution to protect and certify your important documents with the most innovative blockchain technology. It is a disruptive product that will put in your hands all the potential of blockchain to secure your documents in a very simple and fast way: NDAs, contracts of all kinds, (buying, selling, working, renting, wills...) partnership agreements, important emails, etc.

In a nutshell, Certyfile is your own digital notary!

Certyfile.com is a new product, but who is behind it? We are iCommunity Labs! The leading platform in blockchain as a service solutions in Europe. More than 4 years of experience and thousands of clients guarantee us, so you can be VERY calm. If you hire Certyfile you will always have:

● The best experts in blockchain technology, who guarantee the value and perfect
functioning of the product.

● A strong company that assures you the best support and quality guarantee.

● Always up-to-date blockchain technology, with the most efficient networks, thanks to

Certyfile.com connecting to our BaaS platform.

● Validated product, more than 2000 clients have already contracted Certyfile in weeks!

● The best prices. Thanks to your lifetime license, you will ALWAYS be able to access the best offers and prices.

Also, many new updates are coming! Including integrations, double signing contracts, other things of value! Stay tuned!

Miguel Ángel PérezCEO & Co-founder


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