Growth Automation Platform

Growth hacking automation platform to automate lead generation from Linkedin, Facebook and others to scale your business faster

Growth-Hacking Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime Access to
  • 1000 Monthly API Credits (stackable)
  • Automate Linkedin Connection Requests
  • Send Linkedin Welcome Messages & Follow-up Sequences
  • Linkedin Scaper: Extract Data, Emails and more
  • Reply Detection
  • Extract LinkedIn Contacts and sync to CRM
  • Website Scraper: Extract Emails, Phone, Socials, Used Tech
  • Phone Number Verifier
  • Facebook Group Extractor
  • Unlimited access to all Growth Recipes
  • Unlimited access to all future Growth Recipes
  • Integromat & Zapier integration
  • Public API available to integrate with any tool
  • Private Slack Group
  • Onboarding & Setup of the API
  • All future updates included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The Growth Hacking Automation Platform to scale lead generation on Linkedin, Facebook and others on Autopilot

As you probably know, Linkedin and Facebook have a huge potential for lead generation and getting more clients.

The sad part, however, it requires a lot of manual work. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Spending hours of researching the right audience on Linkedin, adding potential contacts manually to spreadsheets, and then clicking connect and sending a welcome message. Not very scalable.

But don’t give up yet!

There’s a new way to easily generate leads on autopilot, by just setting up automation in minutes.


Complete suite of tools to build Growth Hacking workflows

Fully automate your outreach and lead generation with over 19 built-in modules, and even more in the pipeline.

Use a single feature, or chain multiple tools together through the powerful API, or build Drag n’ Drop automations with the Integromat Plugin.

Automate Linkedin and Facebook Lead Generation at scale on autopilot

Automate your LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing Strategy across unlimited accounts with scalable cloud automation.

– Facebook Group Extractor
– LinkedIn Connection Sender
– LinkedIn Inbox Monitor (Reply Tracking)
– LinkedIn Follow-up Sequences
– LinkedIn Profile Scraper/Profile Viewer
– LinkedIn Search Export
– LinkedIn Sales Nav Export
– LinkedIn Search & Connect
– LinkedIn Contacts Extractor
– LinkedIn Message Sender (with Reply Detection)
– LinkedIn Message Extractor
– LinkedIn Company Finder
– LinkedIn Company Employees Extractor

Find verified emails in seconds

The email finder API will search for prospects email addresses using their Name and Company, the platform will then verify matching email addresses.

Website Scraping

Find Technologies, Emails, Phone Numbers, and Social Media Profiles listed on targeting websites.

What makes Growth-Hacking Unique to the competition?

The founders of Growth-Hacking were power users of several competitors, the main issue with these tools was the lack of flexibility.

So the team started building Growth-Hacking initial for their own personal use. 

After documenting the entire process on Youtube, they started to receive requests for access to our suite of tools from other marketers facing similar issues. offers ultimate flexibility in terms of building complex automations and chaining together the features.

Looking to automate and scale sales- and marketing outreach and lead generation? is built for Individuals, Business and Agencies who’re looking for a flexible solution to automate and scale sales outreach.

The tool is cloud-based, so it can scale to cover hundreds of LinkedIn accounts for agencies and offer complete flexibility in your setup so you can use the prebuilt outreach templates in our dashboard, build custom workflows with the Integromat plugin integrating with 380+ tools, or have total control with a direct API integration.

This deal includes access to the private Slack Group with 500+ members, we share Growth Hacking flows, offer support, and share other third-party tools and resources.

The complete suite of tools to build Growth Hacking workflows

Tutorial: How to build a basic LinkedIn Outreach Sequence with follow up messages

Want to see more tutorials and documentation on how to set-up your growth automations? You can find all information here.

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply sign-up and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future updates, templates and integrations.

Where can I find more information on

Feel free to check their website for more information on the product and you can find all documentation here

Is there a roadmap available?

Yes, you can find the roadmap here.

Founder’s Note

Hello everyone!

We're Frank & Nath, founders of

As some of you may know, we are not huge fans of doing repetitive agency work unless it's really interesting. So we've come up with the next best thing.

We've built out, where we'll be releasing growth hacking APIs we already use in our flows, plus a tonne more so literally anyone can build a bot to automate lead generation on Linkedin, Facebook and other channels in minutes.

On top of that, we will be focusing on releasing educational content teaching you how to build out your own flows.

Excited to hear your feedback!

Frank Breckner & Nath AstonFounders of


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  • herald l. says:

    Looks interesting. How do you define 1 API credit?

    • Hey Herald,

      Thanks for your question. 1 API credit equals 1 successful result. So depending on the modules used either one website scraped, or one Linkedin connection, or one automated Linkedin message, etc. Hope that helps! 🙂

      – Tom

  • Jerry says:

    Do i need linkedin sales nav with this?

  • Edwin says:

    Hey Tom,

    Is dit een integromat plug-in of een op zichzelf staande tool?


    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks voor je vraag. Het is een opzichzelf staand platform voor Linkedin en FB automation, maar het integreert perfect met Integromat en Zapier, de combinatie maakt het platform dus stukken krachtiger en je hebt dan een Drag & Drop omgeving als je gebruik maakt van Integromat, dus is zeker aan te raden 🙂

      – Tom

  • Michael says:

    How long is this deal on for….this is simply amazing!!! I want to purchase the 10 codes.

  • Michael says:

    Does one need a VPN or to purchase IP addresses to use these bots? (I guess that would be safer right? Or is it not needed with your tools?)

  • Justin says:

    How safe is this to use? LinkedIn has a lot of measures to prevent automation or anything against their TOS, they even detecting your login from different locations. What guarantee do you have that this will not get my LinkedIn account banned?

  • Omar Rehim says:

    I am familiar with INtegormat & Zapier, but I like Pabbly (Zapier clone), and all I need is to add a webhook into your platform, can I can add a webhook to your platform?

  • Ray says:

    What if I want to upgrade at some stage? Will it then become a monthly subscription, or will I be able to stack the deal?

  • Sid Jaruda says:

    How do the credits work?

  • Marzio says:

    Hi, will it extract FB users from private FB groups which i have access to?

    • Frank says:

      Hi Marzio,

      Frank here, one of the co founders. You can extract search results from private FB groups 🙂 happy to walk you through this on our private slack group when you sign up.


      • Marzio says:

        Well, i joined 2 days ago and after asking more than once to show me how to extract search results from FB groups you didn’t even bother to answer.

        If i don’t get an answer by the end of the week i’m going to refund my purchase.

        I have to comment here since my posts in the slack channel and emails sent to support are unanswered.

        Really bad first impression.

        • Hi Marzio,

          Sorry to hear about that! I have asked the team to look into your case, apologies for the delay.

          – Tom

          • CCastil says:

            Are there tutorial for all applications in FB, LinkedIn?. I am interested in that, because in other purchase that I did nothing tutorials was available and I had to refunded my purchase.

          • Hi,

            Thanks for your question. You can find all tutorials here: 🙂

            Hope that helps!

        • Hi Marzio,

          Thanks again for your patience. I received the following feedback from the team: Facebook group scraper works as a tool, but it can’t create custom audiences directly from that (as we cannot export emails from that, FB disabled that a few years back). In order to use the FB group extractor and then create custom audiences, you need to build a longer sequence. We do not have this documented or a video yet, but we can make one shortly.

          So more detailed instructions and tutorial will follow soon!

          Hopefully this helps 🙂

          – Tom

        • Marzio says:

          After a week nobody showed me how to use the FB group extractor module.

          No documentation and basically no support.

          I was promised to receive a guide on how to achieve that on friday but i’m still waiting to see that guide.

          I had really high hopes for this deal to work but unfortunately i’m going to refund that purchase. I wanted so badly this to work but those guys are advertising something that doesn’t exist.

          • Hi Marzio,

            Thanks for your detailed feedback. Sorry to hear that! I know the team is working on this feature, but it is taking a bit longer than expected. Apologies for that. We can issue a refund for you anytime of course, feel free to send a message to us and we will help you further.

            Apologies for the inconvenience!

            – Tom

  • Savan says:

    Why is this deal not listed on their website? They have the higher price deal only!

    • Hey Savan,

      Thanks for your question. This is an exclusive launch promotion on Dealify, we have negotiated a big discount exclusively on Dealify for a limited time 🙂

      Hope that helps Savan

      – Tom

  • Edwin says:

    Hey Tom,

    Klopt het dat ik ook kan kiezen voor 3000 credits? Ik zag dat ik dit kon aanpassen bij de checkout pagina..


  • paulesser says:

    Beste Tom, facebook groups scrapen is neem ik aan ook van 1) andere group Admins (waar je zelf niet de eigenaar bent? #2 is dat met emailadres export van de facebook groepen waar je lid van bent? #3 is de import direct naar een facebook audience? Ik hoor het graag Vriendelijke groet van Paul Esser – Agency owner & trainer

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks voor je comment. Volgens mij ‘scraped’ de tool de zoekresultaten van een Fb groep, ook waar je gewoon lid van bent. Ik ben hier echt niet 100% zeker van hoe dit precies werkt, en zou je dit ook aan willen raden even dubbel te checken met het Growth-Hacking team via de chat op 🙂

      – Tom

  • Tim says:

    Hi, you’re selling Integromat recipe or it is an independent product? Do I need to buy an Integromat account to use this? How is this better than Duxsoup or other competitors?

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your question. Integromat is not necessary to have, but it does make your possibilities to create advanced automations a lot easier. The main benefit of Growth-Hacking over competitors is the flexibility the product offers in terms of building complex automations and chaining together the features.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

      – Tom

  • Michael says:

    Hi Tom, do we need to get for these bots to work?
    Is there anything else that is needed for the bots (in terms of costs?)

  • Michael says:

    I have two teams members in my business, can the bots be shared with other team members? How does the license works for installs on computers?

  • Can i see a demo somewhere of how conditions are listed for extracting connections from lnkedin.

  • Edwin says:

    Hey Tom, ik heb nog ff een laatste vraag…

    Ik had er geen rekening mee gehouden dat de prijzen ex Btw zijn (ben AppSumo gewend) dus ik hoopte mijn 1e aankoop te compenseren met coupons, ik zie heel veel Dealify coupons, maar geen 1 werkt er, klopt dit of mis ik iets?

  • Michael Charles says:

    Hi, I purchased the deal, and I’ve left a couple of messages on the live chat for help, (21 hrs ago) as I cannot see anywhere to begin building bots or accessing any bots, I cannot find tutorials either. Only leaving a message here, as I haven’t got any response. The chat say my message hasn’t even been seen….lol

  • Stephen says:

    I am already using the tool Reply
    How it is different from that ?
    Does it need linkedin Premium account?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for your question. As far as I can see they are very much focused on Linkedin only, is also focused on Facebook, website scraping, email enrichment, etc. It is a bit more broad overall.

      No premium account is needed 🙂

      Hope that helps!

      – Tom

  • CCastil says:

    Where can I review the next pipeline of improvements features, Are there any Trello for next months?

  • Anthony says:


    This looks like a great tool. I am not sure if anyone has asked but I’d like to know if this can scrape jobs from LinkedIn or any job board

  • alex says:

    Be very careful if you’ve already received a warning from Linkedin for using automation software. I was using a similar tool, won’t name but it worked great. Until you get a warning from Linkedin. (2nd actually by the time I purchased this tool) Still, my account wasn’t banned the 2nd time. But that was the last time I used the software because I wasn’t going to lose my account. The company assured me that they fixed the problem and was once again undetectable by linkedin. However, I wasn’t going to stick around and wait for a 3rd warning. These type of solutions play a cat and mouse game with the social networks. I will add that I grew linkedin account from 1,500 connections to 19k in just over year. But once you get 1st warning for using a specific tool from linkedin, that’s when you have to pull the plug. I doubt you’ll get a 2nd warning for using the same tool.

  • Sebas Rod says:

    Hi I got your offer and I’ve been using it,
    I got 119 and 22 follow ups. and the system says that I used all the 1,000 credits?
    is there something wrong with this?
    I have not received a response from support.

    • Hi Sebas,

      Thanks for your question. I have forwarded your question to the support team. There are some delays in the response times because of lots of questions for the support team in the past days, but you will get a response soon!

      Apologies for that

      – Tom

  • Terry Sacia says:

    Two questions…
    Followup on Sebas question “I got 119 and 22 follow ups. and the system says that I used all the 1,000 credits?”

    It would be GREAT to know this has been resolved AND maybe a better description of the API credits… Did he search through 800 profiles, got more results from 119, sent 100 messages, and received 22 messages back…

    How many “credits” does this take? Over the 1,000?

    Next question. Do we need to purchase with the packages (codes) you have shown or can I purchase 2 codes for 2,000 credits?

    • Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your questions. 1 credit is 1 successful results from the API, for more specific details I would recommend to check the page. Regarding the other question, no need to select the right plan now as you can always add more coupons later 🙂

  • Giovanni Toyo says:

    I would like to buy this offer. Do I have chance?

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