LinkHelp is a LinkedIn lead generation and relationship-building tool. It helps increase LinkedIn connections, generate business opportunities, and foster meaningful relationships. Businesses use this tool to earn more revenue in less time.

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network. It is a great source for new business opportunities. LinkHelp aims to leverage the platform to ease the process of finding new customers and growing your business.

🥇Linkhelp is the most powerful LinkedIn Automation tool. It is easy to use, and quick to set up. It has 15 automation features for advanced targeting

🏁 Thanks to LinkHelp, you can perform 10x more actions in 10x less time and achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

❤️Automate safely. Linkhelp adapts to the limitations imposed by LinkedIn and is compatible with LinkedIn Free, Premium and Recruiter lite accounts.

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LinkHelp was designed to help the users in lead generation, networking, recruitment and building meaningful relationships effortlessly.
The user experience and short video tutorials make LinkHelp the simplest and easiest LinkedIn tool in the marketplace.
LinkHelp is safe to use for your LinkedIn account thanks to the features that mimic human behavior and built in safety limits.
LinkHelp saves your time immensely. You can set up complex automation campaigns just within a couple of minutes.

Add Targeted Connections

Find and invite thousands of targeted prospects to join your network.

Targeted Messages

Create personalized message campaigns to be sent to your targeted audience.

Extract Data

Collect and scrap data (names, emails, phone numbers, etc…) from both the Linkedin profile and the website of your connections.

Auto Respond and Follow Up Messages

Set up automatic replies to the messages you receive based on the chosen group of keywords.

Like or Connect

Like, comment or connect with the admin and the participants of the posts instantaneously.

Follow Connections

Follow targeted users on LinkedIn.

Endorse Connections

Show your interest and consideration to your connections by recommending their skills.

Wish Birthdays

Wish your connections on their birthday with personalized messages.

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Why use LinkHelp?

Perform more actions, faster with automation. LinkHelp is the best tool for: entrepreneurs, recruiters, marketers, employees, job seekers and internship seekers.

Do you want to prospect faster, by targeting your prospects? Connect with professionals in your sector automatically with the addition of targeted relationships, by adding a personalized message to your invitation.

Do you want to expand your network quickly? Connect with people who are active on LinkedIn, like the most popular publications and reviews, and send a thank you message with each accepted invitation.

Are you looking for an internship or a job and want to maximize your chances? Thanks to LinkHelp, contact the people in charge of recruitment in each company and maximize the chances that your application will be selected.

And much more!…

LinkHelp PRO – Lifetime Subscription

  • Get Access to ALL LinkHelp LITE Features (plus)
  • Auto Respond Message
  • Get Connections Info
  • Wish Happy Birthday
  • Congrats on Anniversary / New Job
  • Message Follow up
  • View Connections
  • Access to all future updates
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee

$169 93% off

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LinkHelp LITE – Lifetime Subscription

  • Add Connections
  • Like or Follow Connections
  • Withdraw Sent Invites
  • Accept Received Invites
  • Remove Connections
  • Affiliates
  • Dashboard
  • Stop Bot
  • Endorse Connections
  • Audience Creation
  • Message Targeted Users
  • Message All Connections
  • Change Settings
  • Access to all future updates
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee

$99 80% off

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Why is automating Linkedin a good thing?

Automating your social network saves 10x more time. Allows you to waste less time on repetitive tasks and to grow. Linkedin automation means you don’t have to pay an employee for tasks that the LinkHelp robot can do faster.

What can I do by automating my LinkedIn account?

You can simply send hundreds of targeted and personalized messages to your prospects per day. You can add hundreds of new connections to your network to become an influencer on Linkedin in just 2 months. You can set up a powerful auto-responder. You can congratulate and recommend your contacts to grow your network. You can automate sales and marketing. Prospecting and promotion are the key words.

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply sign-up, redeem your code, and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Where can I find more information on LinkHelp?

Feel free to check their website for more information on the product.

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future updates for LinkHelp that are mapped in your plan.

Is this really a one-time payment and I will get lifetime access? No monthly fees at all?

Yes, this is correct! This is a limited-time promotion that will give you lifetime access to LinkHelp. You’ll never have to pay for any monthly or yearly fees.

I can hear you thinking. How it’s possible? Why would software platforms do that in the first place?

There are several reasons why; one of them being to give a great launch offer to quickly expand their user base and build with feedback and insights from users. Another reason for this approach is to spread awareness for the software platform, which will help platforms grow into a booming business in no time! There are other reasons as well – these just happen to be some common ones.


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Questions & Comments


  • Iasi says:

    Linkedin only allows you to send connections to 100 people per week.

    Your competing app solves this problem by sending an email to leads with a connection request.

    Can your app solve this problem?

  • Derrick tate says:

    Hi Im testing your platform, Why does this message keep coming up “Search was aborted because of an unknown error”

    Recent Activity
    14 June 2023 (Less than one minute)
    8 users added to audience Finance and investments
    Search was aborted because of an unknown error

  • Derrick tate says:

    Hi, It’s a bit hard for me to decide to buy Linkhelp, as when I visit your website, it says ” NEW RELEASE: LinkHelp has launched new updated cloud version, BizWik, with advanced powerful functionalities”

    So are we buying an outdated version, when there is a better version with advanced powerful functionalities?

    Do we get access to this BizWik with this Purchase? Do you have an explanation?

    Thank you

  • Akin says:

    How safe is this linkedin automotion software? Are there any chance as it is blocked by linkedin?

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