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Keyword Revealer is the only SEO tool you will ever need for your digital marketing campaigns. It has quickly become a powerhouse in the industry, used by hundreds of thousands of marketers to increase their website’s visibility and get measurable results. Keyword Revealer takes the guesswork out of SEO and provides the most important features in an simplified package.

From optimizing keywords and investigating high-ranking competitors to tracking rankings over time, Keyword Revealer has it all and gives users access to actionable data that can take their digital marketing strategies to the next level.

With Keyword Revealer, your team will never need any other SEO tool!


Use Keyword Revealer to discover thousands of undiscovered long-tail keywords for any niche you can think of.
Keyword brainstorming tool lets you exploring new niche ideas and categorizing them in the appropriate silo structure.
Keyword Revealer has been used by 300,000 marketers so far.
Great alternative to SEMRush or Ahrefs.

Massive amounts of data are analyzed by powerful tools on a single platform

Keyword Revealer is the keyword intelligence tool that assists marketers in locating low competition keywords.

Keyword Research

Keyword Revealer saves a lot of time for anyone looking for low-competition keywords. Begin concentrating your SEO efforts on terms that are easy to rank and have low difficulty scores.

The Keyword tool will find thousands of untapped long-tail keywords for any niche you can think of. Once you’ve discovered your keywords, you’ll be able to see the difficulty score for each phrase and analyze the competition that’s currently ranking on Google’s first page.

Keyword Brainstorming

Discovering new keyword phrases based on searcher intent is one of the most difficult aspects of keyword research. Our Keyword Brainstorming tool will help you determine the context in which your keywords are being used in search engines.

Utilize the Keyword Brainstorming tool to generate new niche ideas and organize them into the appropriate silo structure.

Rank Tracker

Automate the process of examining your keyword rankings to save time and money. Every day, Keyword Revealer’s Rank tracking tool will automatically check the position of your keyword in Google.

Examine your present position and compare it to where you were yesterday, last week, last month, or when you first started tracking the keyword. You’ve been waiting for a rank tracker, and here it is.

Site Analysis

With the aid of site analysis tool, you may examine any website as well as your rivals’ websites to keep one step ahead of the competition.

Examine a website’s SEO analytics, backlinks, top articles, and rivals. To assess how you stack up against the competition, you can also check your own website. See a detailed tutorial here.

Backlink Analysis

Enter any URL to quickly find any backlinks—new or lost. To support your link initiatives, you will receive referring link information along with well-known metrics like Citation and Trust Flow.

Without needing to open numerous tabs, preview a URL, and with just one click, locate the anchor placement on the linking page.

10 trillion backlinks and 2.8 trillion different urls are crawled daily for our database.


Keyword Revealer Basic 1-Year Subscription

  • 50 keyword research (daily)
  • 10 competitor keywords (daily)
  • Unlimited keyword suggestions (daily)
  • 100 keyword evaluations (daily)
  • 1,000 backlink analysis rows (daily)
  • 25 keyword brainstorming (daily)
  • 25 rank tracker keywords (daily)
  • Save up to 3 projects
  • Save up to 25 keywords
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$75 $150

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Keyword Revealer Basic 1-Year Subscription (2 codes)

  • 300 keyword research (daily)
  • 25 competitor keywords (daily)
  • Unlimited keyword suggestions (daily)
  • 200 keyword evaluations (daily)
  • 25 site analysis (daily)
  • 2,000 backlink analysis rows (daily)
  • 150 keyword brainstorming (daily)
  • 150 rank tracker keywords (daily)
  • Save up to 50 projects
  • Save up to 50 keywords, rank tracker – mobile
  • Exact match domain finder and bulk upload keywords
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$150 $300

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