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First of all, we at Dealify love AppSumo❤️. They offer great deals and discounts (and we have to admit, we also purchased a few).

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is a daily deal website for entrepreneurs. AppSumo is providing over 95% discounts on the software and tools to grow your (online) business.

What is Dealify?

Similar to AppSumo, Dealify is a daily deal website too. We are focused on providing deals and discounts on A+ software, tools and platforms for marketers, growth hackers and founders. Curious about the most popular Dealify deals of this week? Find them here.

Why do businesses want to run a deal on AppSumo?

AppSumo has a huge audience. They have a big email list, social presence and they are well known to entrepreneurs and marketers. If your audience is one of these, you can boost your brand awareness by running a deal on AppSumo.

Of course, there are always upsides and downsides to running a deal on AppSumo. For instance, for every deal sold, you will just get a small percentage of revenue shares.

Why run a deal on Dealify?

There are some differences between AppSumo and Dealify. We are a somewhat ‘younger’ company, so we have a less broad reach than AppSumo. However, our brand awareness and presence online is growing every day.

We are, however, a lot more flexible in deal terms. We exist to boost your business and brand, so we will think with you on how to boost your business in the best way. Plus, we share all insights of our marketing campaigns with you, so you can use it to grow your business after the promotion period. And, last but not least, we request fair commission percentages.

We would love to help your business to grow. Feel free to reach out and we will together come up with a strategy to scale your business!

Want to run a deal on Dealify? Contact us here and let’s work together.

Tom van den Heuvel

Tom van den Heuvel

I'm a passionate Growth Hacker and full-time Marketing Manager for one of the fastest growing European Tech companies. I love to find the best growth hacking resources, deals, events, books and share these with you🚀

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