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BITHUB is the perfect tool to help any individual or solopreneur establish and promote their online presence quickly and easily.

With BITHUB’s user-friendly builder and built-in SEO, creating professional-looking landing pages in minutes has never been simpler. Additionally, BITHUB provides a QR code generator as an added bonus feature that can be used to quickly and easily add customers directly to your contact list.

BITHUB provides everything you need to make sure that your Landing Page not only looks professional but also performs well in driving sales and conversions.


The quickest way to create a landing page!
Enable BITHUB’S SEO algorithm to place your landing page at the top of search results, bringing you more leads.
The mobile app’s instant notification feature keeps you up to date on the performance of your landing page in real time.
Use this tool to make sure your landing page is optimized and that your audience is engaged with your content.

What can you do with BITHUB?

With BITHUB, you can build the perfect landing page in just a few minutes!

Increase your online visibility and reach more clients than ever before. No coding skills required; simply customize your template to match your branding and begin promoting your brand today!

  • Choose your subdomain (If you already have a domain, send us an email and we’ll connect it to you for free).
  • You can easily customize your landing page.
  • Add your social media links, and they will appear as icons in the hero section.

There's never been a simpler way to share your digital presence!

BITHUB offers a comprehensive solution that can help you reach your target audience easily, no matter where they are. You can create a custom landing page that provides links to all of your content from articles, photos, videos and products to music and webpages.

And with the ability to share across multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp or even SMS, there are so many possibilities for greatly extending your reach!

Keep track on how well your landing page and form submissions are performing

Use insights and form tracking to keep track of the effectiveness of your landing page.

To better understand how each link is doing, keep track of how many clicks your bio page link has received. By doing so, you can improve your landing page and make sure that your audience is interested in the content you are sharing.

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their goals

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BITHUB Mega Innovator – Lifetime Subscription

  • 1 landing page
  • 1,000 landing page monthly unique visitors
  • 1 form
  • 100 monthly form responses
  • Free SSL
  • All future Mega Innovator Plan updates
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

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BITHUB Mega Entrepreneur – Lifetime Subscription

  • 1 landing page
  • Unlimited landing page monthly unique visitors
  • 1 form
  • Unlimited monthly form responses
  • Free SSL
  • Connect to Existing Custom Domain (Send us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to connect it for you)
  • All future Mega Entrepreneur Plan updates
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

$24 $599

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How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

What exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone website that can assist you in converting prospects into customers. In general, these types of pages are not included in the navigation of your website. Instead, they’re accessible through links in ads, newsletters, bio links, and so on.

How does a Landing Page function?

A Landing Page is a versatile free microsite where you can share your most important content. It can assist many different types of organizations and brands in sharing their content more quickly:

  • Do you want to build a website but don’t have the time or money to do so right now? A landing page is an excellent way to disseminate your content without investing too much time or money!
  • Are you a person who is developing your personal brand? A landing page is an excellent way to quickly and easily share everything about yourself.
  • Have you been looking for a place to share links to different websites where your target audience can find you? That is possible with a landing page!


How can I put my Landing Page to use?

Your landing page should contain the most important information about your company’s products, services, blogs, videos, events, updates, and social profiles. You could, for example, use your landing page to consolidate all of your contact information, promote your music by embedding Spotify songs, or provide updates on your services and products.

Is it possible to use my own domain?

This feature will be available soon. You can re-direct an existing domain to your landing page. Using a masked redirect should solve the problem.

Founder’s Note

Hi đź‘‹,

We're thrilled to be joining the Dealify community! Our team at BITHUB is dedicated to helping creators, artists, and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their goals.

We believe that the creator economy is a booming industry that has the potential to change the world. That's why we created BITHUB, a platform for creating stunning landing pages that convert. Whether you're an influencer, entrepreneur, or simply someone with an amazing product, BITHUB is here to help you tell your story and connect with your audience.

We know that your time is valuable, so we've made BITHUB easy to use and efficient. With our ready-to-fill form interface, you can quickly create beautiful, responsive landing pages that look great on any device.

We're still in the early stages of development, but we have big plans for the future. And, as a Dealify customer, you'll get to enjoy all of our future updates and features for free. We're constantly working to improve our platform, so you can rest assured that you're always getting the best of the best.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in our mission to empower the creator economy and let BITHUB help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we're always here to help. Just send us an email at [email protected].

Thanks for choosing BITHUB!

Best regards,

Mohamed ZakaryaFounder, BITHUB


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