Put your follow-up on autopilot and increase sales by 40% or more with CLOSEM, the automated, done-for-you system that’s proven to save you time and increase sales. No technical skills required.


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If you’re looking to increase your sales and customer engagement without spending hours writing copy or perfecting your sales pitch, you need  CLOSEM! This easy-to-use tool takes the hassle out of follow-up by providing you with professionally-written, personalizable, customizable messages that are proven to convert leads into customers.

With CLOSEM, you can send a campaign of text, email, postal and voice messages in just minutes, no technical skills required. These high-converting  campaigns generate 80% more business over sending  a single message followup , so you can sit back and watch your sales soar. Say goodbye to the stress of follow-up and hello to effortless sales with CLOSEM!


Use CLOSEM to set up an automated follow-up process and generate 80% more business!
Keep track of leads, prospects, and clients easily and never miss out on a sale!
Includes a complete set of professionally-written, high-converting ready-to-use message templates you can use as-is or customize to suit.
CLOSEM is the ideal combination of an easy-to-use contact manager  with a modern messaging platform.

Save time and connect more!

With CLOSEM, tracking your leads, prospects and customers has never been easier. The one-click automation feature allows you to set up reminders and follow-ups with just a single click, so you can focus on closing sales.

What’s more, the platform’s omni-channel automation lets you reach your prospects through email, text, voice, and even postal mail. Set appointments and send reminders and reduce no-shows. You can now stay on top of your sales game and make sure you never miss a chance to seal the deal with CLOSEM’s streamlined automation tools.

Email alone isn’t enough to build relationships. Adding SMS to your email campaign can more than double your open rate and engagement, and adding postal mail to your digital campaign results in massive increase in sales. Don’t be limited by email and SMS. Adding postal to your mix is a total game-changer! CLOSEM is the only automated followup tool that integrates postal with email, voice and SMS.

The average ROI for direct mail is $4.09 for every $1.27 spent. Here’s why:

  1. Postal has the highest ROI of all media.
  2. 73% of American consumers prefer being contacted via direct mail because they can read mail at their own convenience.
  3. More than 70% of Gen X consumers feel mail is more personal than online digital communications and are more likely to read mail than email.
  4. Nearly 90% of Millennials love receiving mail.
  5. Postal outperforms digital response rates by 600%.
  6. Postal generates a higher brand recall among consumers.
  7. Postal is guaranteed to be seen by 90% of your audience.
  8. Postal is very very “sticky” – the average lifespan of a mailer is 17 days!
  9. Postal is the best way to break the ice when prospecting, far better than trying to engage with email alone.

Build key connections!

Elevate your game with CLOSEM! If you’re tired of generic business communication that rarely elicits any response, it’s time to give CLOSEM a try. This innovative platform allows you to easily send hyper-personalized business mail with attention-getting postcards. The best part? You don’t have to worry about learning any new technology –creating postal mail  is the same as writing a text or email.

Plus, with no minimums or set-up charges and all mail sent first-class anywhere in the world, CLOSEM is a no-brainer for anyone looking to up their communication game. Say goodbye to emails that don’t get opened or read  and hello to meaningful, personalized communication with CLOSEM.

Check all the outstanding features!

  • Combine postal mail, email, and SMS to create effective marketing campaigns  that run hands-free. With postal mail, prospects are 15% more likely to reply to an email.
  • Increase your reach without bounds. Add your VA or other team members to your CLOSEM account
  • Get a modern SMS, email, and postal solution in place of your outdated email autoresponder. Within 3 minutes, 97% of SMS messages are read!
  • It’s as simple as drafting an email to create engaging email newsletters. Add pictures, links, animations to your emails and really increase response.
  • Connect your other tools to CLOSEM’s open API for easy operation. Already using a  CRM? Excellent, connect  CLOSEM for automatic outreach and follow-up.
  • Keep tabs on your click-through, open, and delivery rates. Follow up with interested contacts right away. Resend easily to people who don’t open.
  • Keep in touch with leads, prospects, customers both present and past. Customize  your contact records  to your company’s needs.

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their goals

CLOSEM has saved us countless hours. Before CLOSEM, I didn’t even dare to begin selling due to the other demands on my time. CLOSEM is THE entire recruiting system for us. We wouldn’t have any customers without it.

William TsuiCanuck Eats

Good news! Here's why I believe in your system. Just sent my first campaign and I got a signed contract!

Marcel PorofFuture Land Solutions

Everytime I've had a question it's been answered in five minutes or less. Definitely give them a try.

Mike GumnaniRich Labs

I”m happy to endorse and recommend CLOSEM. It's a superior product to anything on the market!

Dennis HillAuthor

CLOSEM has been a fantastic product for us, helping us get in front of clients quickly.

William MingioneSlaterock

See more testimonials here.

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

What plan should I choose?

Each instance of Closem is for a single business name and address.
If you have multiple businesses, side-hustles, and clients, etc. we recommend the “3 business licenses” or “10 business licenses” option.
Each business is its own completely stand-alone entity, requiring a unique username and password to log in. You can use each license for multiple side-hustles or give to clients.


Do you have a roadmap I can check?

Yes, you can see the roadmap here.

Founder’s Note

Hi all👋,

I'm Richard Miles. Laura Betterly and I created CLOSEM to help folks increase sales. Since we've launched we've seen hundreds of users get more 5-star reviews and referrals, keep leads and prospects engaged, and make more sales.
CLOSEM is a contact manager , auto-responder, messaging platform, and marketing automation tool rolled into one. You get you the ability to automate your follow-up with texts, email, and voice messages – and now comes with the ability to have professional business letters and attention-getting postcards sent by first-class mail. There’s no more complete package of marketing automation available.
EMAIL & TEXT MESSAGING: Send gorgeous, personalized emails and newsletters and follow them with a text. When you combine texts with email you double your open rates and see a 600% increase in click-through. Plus send MMS messages (jpegs, pngs and gifs) to really spice up your communications..
POSTAL MAIL: Now you can add postal mail to your outreach and followup – send personalized business letters and compelling postcards via first-class mail. Email and texts are great, but can be deleted in an instant. Postal mail is “outside the box” – attention getting and long lasting. There is absolutely no better way to reach cold leads or re-engage past prospects. Send thank-you, anniversary, grand opening announcements, and much more.
CLOSEM comes with professionally-written, personalized text and email message templates you can use right away or tailor to your business. Or create as many of your own as you want.
MESSAGE CAMPAIGNS: Combine messages to keep your prospect engaged over time. These campaigns have a 4-10x better response than sending a single message and result in 80% more sales. And the best part is you can launch your campaign with a click, or automate the whole process.
AUTOMATION: CLOSEM's open API lets you connect it to your web forms, lead funnels, Facebook lead ads, whatever, and automate your followup campaign completely hands-free.
So let's start busting your sales moves like a rockstar!

*Requires Twilio account to enable SMS and voice

Richard, Co-founder



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