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Use HetroLinks to fix Amazon affiliate links/tags and website links, address compliance difficulties, and increase profitability.


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Hetrolinks is a powerful online platform that helps affiliates quickly and easily find and fix broken Amazon affiliate links.

The platform is incredibly easy to use and can help to boost affiliate earnings in as little as 15 minutes. Hetrolinks can also help to validate affiliate privacy policies and affiliate disclaimers to ensure that affiliates are operating within the law.

So, if you’re looking for a way to increase your affiliate earnings and make sure that all of your Amazon affiliate links are working correctly, then Hetrolinks is the perfect solution.


Instantly Repair Broken Amazon Links
Validate Affiliate Privacy Policy
Validate Affiliate Disclaimer
Hetrolinks also provides actionable insights so you can improve performance
Export all the data in a CSV file
HetroLinks’ scanners are 20x faster than its competitors on the market

Instantly Repair Broken Amazon Affiliate Links

Instantly repair your broken Amazon affiliate links and boost your earnings in just 15 Minutes! Validate, correct, update Amazon policies and fix missing affiliate tags and links for privacy disclaimer.

Everything You Need to Increase Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Don’t risk account suspension and potential FTC complications – avoid incorrect tags and broken or dead Amazon Affiliate links! HetroLinks scans your site for any missing or incorrect tags, identifies any potential lost revenue, and fixes them in just one click. Make sure all your pages are compliant and you’re not missing out on any potential affiliate income.

How Is Hetrolinks Different From Its Competitors?

HetroLinks’ scanners are a whopping 20 times faster than any other scanners on the market. We’ve eliminated the tedious manual task of replacing tags, and instead offer one-click integration as part of our groundbreaking tool.

Pricing - Lifetime Deal - Pay Only Once

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Do you have a daily scan page limit?

HetroLinks limits the daily pages scan to 2000 per user under the fair usage policy.

Does Hetrolinks click on my affiliate links?

No, Hetrolinks does not click on the links that include your affiliate tag. We remove the affiliate tags & other trackers from the link before capturing any data.

Founder’s Note

Hi all👋,

As the founder of this platform, I’m not just its passionate advocate but also an active user. I’ve used Hetrolinks to grow my business and it’s been a game-changing experience. Hetrolinks helped us grow our affiliate revenue by 20%!

I worked with my team to ideate and develop this solution based on some roadblocks I faced in my affiliate marketing journey. We were losing potential earnings due to missing and incorrect tags, broken links, and non-compliant pages. It was clear that we needed a reliable and effective system to address these issues. We're excited for you to experience the same growth and success that we have.

Kumar ManaswiFounder, Hetrolinks


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