ClickCease Skip to main content is the Facebook Ads Automation platform that automates the full process of advertising on social media. We sat down with CEO Kevin Moses to talk about the experience of running a deal on Dealify and how it helped them to skyrocket their business.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started

I have been in marketing and sales for the last decade, selling door 2 door and building an advertising agency called EXOD314 that we changed to simply EXOD in 2019. At the beginning of 2019, we had 15 media buyers, managing multi-million dollar ad spends.

We had to deal with both our rapid growth and our media buyers. It would take about 6 months to fully train a media buyer from zero to hero, and in 2019, our Chief Media buyer decided to leave with all of our employees to one of our actual clients to work internally.

That made me so mad that I had one thought pop into my mind, what if I just replace humans?

And that is exactly what we did.

We started coding mid-2019 and released our first MVP in July 2020.

The platform had some bugs but it had so much potential.

How was the process of running a deal on Dealify?

Since we are fully bootstrapping the business and will never hop on the VC train, for us Dealify was just a no brainer. That was the single best decision of our lives. In just a few months, we went from 1000 users to now over 10,000 users using EXOD every day.

In just a few months, we went from 1000 users to now over 10,000 users using EXOD every day.

It was such an easy process and working with Tom and the team was so easy.

The Dealify run was an extreme success, letting us grow the business rapidly.

What would be your advice for other businesses?

My advice is very simple, if you want to run an LTD with Dealify, make sure your customer support IS ON POINT.

It is the single most important part, I believe customer support is actually more important than the product itself.

If you build a community behind your brand and product, people will follow and be patient with your bugs, roadmap and get excited about the future of your platform, that is EXACTLY what happened with EXOD.

All of this thanks to Dealify!

Tom van den Heuvel

I'm a passionate Growth Hacker and full-time Marketing Manager for one of the fastest growing European Tech companies. I love to find the best growth hacking resources, deals, events, books and share these with you🚀


  • K. C. says:

    It seems that the deal I bought is now being offered for free. This is very disappointing. Can you clarify what happened to the epic plans?

  • Alviss says:

    Any chance of a return of LTD from EXOD.AI?

    • Tom van den Heuvel says:

      Hi Alviss,

      Thanks for your question. The deal is not coming back anytime soon I’m afraid. Will keep you posted if that changes 🙂

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