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Easy email testing for developers and users – Use the SMTP sandbox and add 1 line of JavaScript to view test emails inside your app as you build it 🏗️


Lifetime Deal

$96 one-time


Imitate Email gives you all you need to support email development and testing across your organisation!

Imitate Email was designed to enable software teams to easily test email flows, whether writing your own software or using a third party, and across in-house and external users.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Get your Team account
  2. Change your SMTP settings to match our sandbox SMTP server
  3. (Optionally) add a single line of JavaScript to your web app

This plan is perfect for small teams with multiple projects 📨 Get today!


Sandbox Smtp Server

The sandbox SMTP server enables developers to quickly set up test email delivery for themselves, against their code or others, as well as for users involved in testing.

Embedded Widget

See test emails alongside the web app that’s sending them using our web widget. Developers and users can quickly test email based workflows.

Mailbox App

Inside both the widget and the web app, developers/testers can view their emails in html, text or raw formats with the ability to preview across desktop and mobile.

Perfect for teams

15 Users included, 15 active widget users, 1 mailbox per user, 15 team mailboxes, 1000 daily emails and more!

Sandbox Smtp Server

Send emails to Imitate Emails’ sandbox smtp server: no need for your own and no chance of accidentally spamming people:

  • SMTP Protocol Support: an authenticated SMTP server using STARTTLS to provide a solution for any programming language that can send emails via SMTP.
  • User filtering: attribute emails to particular users through the use of standard SMTP headers – lets your users see only the emails they’re creating.

  • API Adapters: send emails via your favourite API instead of SMTP.

Mailbox App

View your emails (and anyone else you have access to) via your dashboard:

  • View in different formats: view your emails as HTML, plain text or in their Raw format. Then see how they appear across desktop and mobile.
  • Filters: filter emails according to the project, the environment as well as the user that sent the fake email.
  • Responsive: the mailbox viewer is completely responsive, enabling you to use the app on your desktop as well as your phone. Desktop emails are scaled on mobile so that you can see their desktop layout.

Web Widget

The Web Widget lets developers and users see their test emails inside the app that they’re developing or testing:

  • Easy installation: add a single <script> tag to your existing web based application, weighs in at <1.5KB and async loaded.
  • SSO: log your users in to the Widget via SSO if you don’t want them to access Imitate Email directly.
  • Unbranded: lose the imitate email branding and choose a custom icon

Perfect for Teams

Included are multiple projects, mailboxes and user permissions:

  • Projects and Mailboxes: combining projects, mailboxes and permissions lets you support all the teams across your organisation from a single subscription.
  • Widget SSO: authenticating your users to the Widget via SSO lets you grant access to 3rd parties
  • Permissions: get granular access controls for emails but also control access to your subscription billing and team management.

Pricing - Lifetime Deal - Pay Only Once

Imitate Email – Team Plan Lifetime Subscription

  • 15 active widget users
  • 1 mailbox per user
  • 15 team mailboxes
  • 1000 daily emails
  • 30 day retention
  • Message size <15MB
  • Unbranded Web Widget
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee

$96 $996


How can I activate the deal?

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and your Dealify code
  3. Click “Sign Up” and enjoy 😊

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

What is a widget user?

Widget users only get access to the widget for use inside the web app that they are testing. These are designed to be lightweight user accounts for testers of the app that do not require access to all of imitate email.

What is a daily email?

This corresponds to the number of emails that you are able to send each day on your particular plan. It’s possible to add extra daily emails to the paid plans – this is usually cheaper than upgrading to the next tier.

What is a mailbox?

Mailboxes let you separate out groups of emails. Each user gets a personal mailbox for their own testing and then the multi-user accounts get extra team mailboxes where you have multiple users accessing the same mailbox (for example, a UAT environment).

What does the unbranded web widget do?

On the free and developer tiers, the web widget is branded with the Imitate Email logo and colours but on the Starter and Team plans you can customise the branding to fit yours.

Founders’ Note

Hi all! 👋

This is Mark & James from Imitate Email!

We're excited to be sharing Imitate Email with you today. This is very definitely one of those products that falls in to the "solve a problem you have yourself" bucket!

We've spent our careers building software for companies, large and small, and along the way we must have built an "OK" version of Imitate Email countless times.

Imitate Email is a very simple way of exposing (and testing) email flows when you're developing software. It makes it really easy for developers building the software but it really shines when you want to allow other people to test your software...

The embedded widget can be used without an Imitate Email account so that your testers (who may work for your client or a different company) don't even know they're using Imitate Email. They just see a little icon flash in the bottom right corner telling them that they WOULD have received an email if this were the production system. They can then check the email and take any action.

With Imitate Email, there's no more setting up fake SMTP servers, using shoddy UI or, worse still, accidentally sending test emails to real email accounts.

We think our pricing is really fair and with this lifetime deal we think we're providing a great tool for a great price.

Any questions, please do reach out to us at [[email protected]]


Mark & JamesFounders @

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