The all-in-one support suite you’ve been waiting for. Offer live chat support, an advanced ticketing system, a customizable knowledge base, a help widget, and much more.

Lifetime Deal

$49 one-time $2388/year

Good help is hard to find these days. You have some FAQ docs on one page, a support page, video tutorials on YouTube, and an updates page hidden somewhere on your website.

Not the best experience. These scattered help resources cause confused customers and more support tickets and work for you.

With LabiKnow you can create a fully streamlined support experience in a single platform.

Offer live chat support, email ticketing support, build a customizable knowledge base, embeddable help widget, and a changelog in one platform.

The tool will help you effortlessly onboard customers, keep them engaged and updated, without having to spend hours on support.


Onboard, support & update your customers in the all-in-one support suite.
Offer live chat & emailing ticketing support to convert more leads and get happier customers.
Push product updates, your changelog, and other news to the widget.
Build a powerful knowledge base and reduce support workload.

Build your knowledge base directly in LabiKnow

Design a beautiful knowledge base, create onboarding guides and articles that answer your customer’s most asked questions.

You can create a dedicated Help Center page with no coding. Customize the help center page to match your brand identity with simple editing tools.

Create help center articles with our easy to use online editor. Use the rich-text editor to create help center articles in seconds.

Add images, videos, texts, and much more.

The beautiful support widget that does it all

The help widget combines your knowledge base, contact support form and announcements feed which makes it the ultimate customer support app.

Simply customize the help widget and add it to your website.

You can significantly reduce the number of incoming repetitive requests with the help widget. Customers can search for answers in the help center first before contacting you.

Convert more leads, drive sales and provide faster customer support with customizable live chat.

Users could not find their answer in the knowledge base?

Offer them live chat support to convert more leads and get happier users.

Use the power of collaborative ticketing to deliver the best customer experience

Want to offer ticketing support instead? The end-user can send you a ticket with their question by clicking on the “Contact Support” or “Ask” button.

Deliver updates or your changelog directly in the support widget

Want to deliver updates, news, announcements, or your product changelog? You can easily do this directly in the notification center.

Keep your users in the loop with all the updates, changes, upcoming events, bugs, fixes, and much more!

You can create interactive, visual announcements with LabiKnow editor tools, like video, photo, buttons, and more.

Use the announcements feed for unlimited purposes:

  • for publishing release notes
  • for user announcements
  • for changelog
  • for NPS surveys
  • for improvement updates
  • for downtime and maintenance updates
  • for updates on bug fixes
  • for new feature updates

You can get instant feedback from website visitors to your announcements and updates. That way you will get insights on how they are handling the news, so you can take proper actions right away.

Advanced analytics to improve your articles and widget to reduce the number of questions by up to 80%

Track all the searches performed by the end-users. You will be able to track:

  • Article Total Views
  • Article Unique Views
  • Views per visit
  • Top Articles
  • Top Searches
  • Failed Searches

If there is a failed search, it will be displayed in the dashboard. So if you see many failed searches on similar topics (keywords), you can go ahead and create a designated article to cover the topic.

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply sign-up and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future updates, templates and integrations.

Where can I find more information on LabiKnow?

Feel free to check their website for more information on the product.

Where can I find a public roadmap?

Go to their homepage and open the LabiKnow widget in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click the ‘News’ section and you can find the roadmap there.

Founder’s Note

Hi all,

This is Aleks, founder of LabiKnow. We know how time consuming and challenging supporting customers can be. Answering questions fast and keeping your customers up to date is key.

This is why we built LabiKnow. An all-in-one support suite to help in providing an excellent support experience in a beautiful widget, while reducing the support workload.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Aleks BochkovFounder of LabiKnow


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  • Lionel says:

    Is this GDPR compliant?

  • Alec Dorling says:

    Will the widget work with Appdrag?

    • Hi Alec,

      Thanks for your question. There is no Appdrag integration available yet, however, feel free to add it as a feature request for future developments 🙂

      – Tom

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Alec,
      Yes, we can definitely look into it.

      In the meantime, Help Widget can be added to the Appdrag with a simple script that you can add to a web page.

      Let me know if this helps.

      Happy Holiday!

  • Paul says:

    Does this include

    1. Shared inbox ticketing
    2. Live chat
    3. Product Roadmap Tracking
    4. Features Upvoting

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Paul,
      My name is Aleks, I’m the founder of LabiKnow.

      LabiKnow app will have a Product Roadmap page which can be edited from your LabiKnow account and displayed publicly for users Upvoting. The Roadmap page will be on the Help Center site. It looks like a Trello board.
      Also, there will be a list of website visitors so you can send targeted announcements or NSP surveys.
      So in short answer to questions 3 and 4 – YES.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Happy Holiday!


      • Paul says:

        HI Alecks, What about 1, 2 ?

        • Aleks says:

          Hey Paul,

          1 – LabiKnow Contact form forwards messages to your inbox (gmail, outlook etc) from where you can reply to them.
          Ticketing system and Shared Inbox is not part of this product. However LabiKnow can be integrated with other apps through Zappier or Integrately, so tickets can be forwarded to other apps or ticketing systems.

          2 – Live Chat – you will be able to connect Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram or integrate other chats via Zapier or Integrately. You also will be able to connect Calendly for example, to book a meeting directly from the help widget.

          Let me know if this answers your question.


      • Anna Ortega says:

        Hello Aleks,

        Are these included in the lifetime plan?

        Support Contact Form
        Email/ Ticket Forwarding
        Live Chat Integration (Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Chatbot etc)
        Book Meeting Calendar Integration

  • Richard Perry says:

    Just bought 2 codes and logged in.
    I understood that the deal would not include branding, but it appears that the service must be served via a Labiknow URL as:

    So, am I correct in saying there is now way to use our own url?

    As this would be a dealbreaker for us.

    p.s. – this is actually a very easy thing to solve, we found a service that enabled this for our SaaS in less than 30 minutes for about a dolalr a month per account. Personally, this would be difference for us to use the service or not. Let me know if you want to know more on how to solve this and I will email you direct via Labiknow support

    • Aleks says:

      Hey Richard,

      We are happy to have you onboard LabiKnow 🙂
      What you are referring to is the custom domain for the help center site, as I understand. We are rolling out this in the next update soon. So you will be able to setup a custom domain for your help center site with LabiKnow.

      You can forward us the information you mentioned at We would be happy to look into it and assist you with any other questions.

      Happy Holidays!

      LabiKnow CEO

    • daniavorszky says:

      Hi Richard, do you mind sharing the service you are reffering?

  • Perth says:

    Hi! I am wondering if LabiKnow comes with shared ticket dashboard the team can see as well? Or it only send support ticket to our email.


  • Claes-Goran Hammar says:

    Regarding the offer including 10 sites, will it include 10 various support systems that I can use for 10 various sites with various content or do you mean something else?


  • How its compare with helpwise that integrate with whatsapp…???
    1. Its Can integrate with integrately or pabbly connect? that someone open ticket will added into subscriber list in autoresponder.
    2. its can embedable in membership site or in every landing page we created…? orjust can embed in 1 website… ? compare with liveagent i have it before its can embedable anywhere just add script into every page or landing page.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1. Currently it is not fully integrated with Integrately or Pabbly Connect yet.

      2. Yes it is embedable on every landing page you created, just simply copy and paste the script.

      And the comparison with LiveAgent, that is more a ticketing software, LabiKnow is more focused on the knowledge base, news feed and live chat inside the widget.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Toby says:

    this looks very interesting!
    maybe you could try to integrate with Boei – which is currently on dealify as well and doesn’t offer a search within a knowledgebase yet.
    then i’d probably go for both deals 🙂

    integration with pabbly connect and integrately would be awesome as well (for adding emails to lists or other tasks)

    • Aleks says:

      Hey Toby,

      We will have an option to add multiple channels of contact on LabiKnow Help Widget. And we are working on Zapier and Integrately integration, we are going to have this released soon.

      Hope this helps.


  • a.badreddine says:

    I am confused about the features mentioned above in the description page. For instance, live chat and ticketing features are being mentioned above. However, the website of Labihow doesn´t mention them. Please clarify this point. Thanks

    • Thanks for your question. These features are currently in development at LabiKnow and are going to be released in early March. That’s why it is not yet mentioned on their website, but it will be included in the deal. Hope that helps 🙂

  • ziemienowicz says:

    A great app! I will buy it now. I have a question … can I translate the phrases in the widget in the “Ask” tab? And How can I delete Live Chat?

    • Hello,

      Thanks for your question. Yes you can translate anything you want, and you can disable or enable live chat. You can either offer a email form inside the widget, or the live chat. Default is the email form.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Hello, I want to buy but I have a doubt about it:

    Shared support ticketing / inbox system (Feature release in March 2021)

    Is this feature included in the plan? Because there was another question, and they answered that this resource was not part, but it is mentioned in the sales package? Then the shared support box and the ticket system are available!

  • Serge says:

    Does Labiknow include access to Labidesk?
    I’m a bit confused by these 2 different product offerings that your company have. can you explain the difference?

    • Aleks says:

      Hey Serge,

      LabiKnow is a Help Center Site Builder, Knowledge Base, Help Widget, Announcements and Public Roadmap.
      LabiDesk is a shared inbox/ ticketing system. It will be live later this month. As a part of this deal customers of LabiKnow will be able to use shared inbox from LabiDesk as well.

      Let me know if this helps

      • Serge says:

        Thanks! Looks great

        Will this also include wikidocs?
        How do you compare knowledge base and wikidocs? Wikidoc would be open for anyone to edit?

        • Aleks says:

          Hi Serge,

          Yes, WikiDocs is upcoming feature. We haven’t planned to make it open for editing to everyone, it was more designed for technical documentation like API and SDK. And so the WikiDocs theme is different from the knowledge base. But we open to suggestions.

          Let me know if this answers your question.


  • Surya says:


    Any ETA when Live chat and shared inbox ticketing system will be released ?


    • Hi Surya,

      Thanks for your question. The inbox ticketing system will be released before the end of the month and the live chat is planned to be released this month too.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Steven says:

    Is the knowledge base/ help widget /Live/ticketing/ inbox/ chat system multilingual?
    How can I use the software when I need three languages?

  • Shubham Aggarwal says:

    Its nearly end of March 21 and I am yet to see any update which were promised for this month (quite a lot of useful and much awaited features were lined up) so just wanted to know if the ETA has been changed for them?

    Also, what were the changed/ updates made in last 3-4 months since the deal is going on for a quite a long time now. I love the product as it meets my immediate and exact requirement but the progress so far is disappointing. I dont want to end up shifting my whole KB to some other platform after spending a lot of time on Labiknow. Looking forward to a positive and factual response. Keep up the great work!


    • Aleks says:

      Hey Shubham,
      Thank you for your questions.
      In the past 3 months since the release we have significantly improved the platform and fixed all major issues and bugs, along with the tons of bigger and smaller updates that have been released. All the major updates that we release we post in our announcements widget, you can keep track of all past and future updates from there.
      Among recent updates a custom contact form integration and pop up alerts for the widget.
      And getting ready to release a full fledged helpdesk platform – with Shared Inbox and Live Chat as per our roadmap. Our tech team is working day and night to bring all the features and modules to life asap.
      You are welcome to contact our support at any time and our team would be happy to assist you further with your inquiries.

      • Shubham Aggarwal says:

        Really appreciate your response Aleks,
        While I love the platform and cant wait to share the complete version of our KB with our users, the development from Labiknow’s side is worrisome. The features being added are way too slow and something which are core part of the product. One or two minor updates a months will take years to get all the promised features.

        I do understand the value it brings since its on LTD but then waiting for such a long time is a bad business decision. The lost time, sales and profit will be no where near the cost saved from LTD. I had already submitted and requested dozens of features, bugs, suggestions but so far even the most basic features are lacking. A clear ETA on the features is thus being requested and very well appreciated.


  • Sylvain says:

    Hello, do the lifetimes plans include integrations with Zapier?

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Sylvain,
      Yes, both Zapier and Integrately. As well as we can consider custom integrations. You can get in touch with our support team at for more details.

  • Rik says:

    Hi There,

    I created a free account to test your app and while there are still many things for me to explore, I did notice that there is no way for us to customize the look of the widget with css, as an example the widget is too small (50px , the shadow is quite ugly and I have no way to change that)

    While your app looks very promising, I think giving us that option to make it look the way we want is quite useful and to me is a deal breaker.

    I did try using css in my own theme css file hoping to override yours but no success, will you be able to at least lets us use our own css in our sites ????

    Also you mentioned that the app integrate now with Zapier. can you confirm that and will I be able to use the contact form of labiknow to open a tic6ket in my ticket system through Zapier.

    Thank you for your time.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Rik,
      Yes, we already implementing this. Custom CSS was initially planned for help center site only, but due to the number of requests we will be adding it to the help widget as well.
      Regarding tickets. Yes, both Zapier and Integrately integrations, as well as we can consider custom integrations. You can get in touch with our support team at for more details.
      However, as a part of LabiKnow Dealify deal, customers will be able to upgrade to helpdesk solution which has ticketing system and shared inbox. So you might as well use it instead of integrating with a third party apps. just FYI

  • Neldrew says:

    I bought three tickets, the resources were mentioned that would be available in the month of March but it was not done and now it is being promised for April .. I hope that these resources can come as soon and the deadlines can be met.

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Neldrew,
      Yes, we are postponing a little bit as there are quite a few things to polish yet. The updated platform is already live, we will start letting in LabiKnow customers soon. Here is the platform –

      Thank you for supporting us and waiting!

  • Andrew says:

    You can take into consideration the integration of (Pabbly Connect) an alternative to Zapier.

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Andrew,

      We have Pabbly integration in our backlog. Not ETA as of now. I will keep you posted.


  • Anwar sadat says:

    Wow! This is really a great tool. Every web designer should buy it.

  • DD says:

    GDPR question

    Can I turn off the cookies on the knowledge base and the help widgets?


    • Aleks says:

      Hey DD,

      There is no option to turn that off at the moment. But we will certainly add this as suggestion to our backlog.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • atalayyorukoglu says:

    Hello Aleks.

    I can’t wait to use it. 🥳

    When we buy “Agency Plan” or “Growth Plan”, will we be able to use all the features of LabiDesk? 🙏🏻

    • Aleks says:

      Hi atalayyorukoglu,

      Thank you for your comments! There are so many features and everything needs testing and so we have been pushing it off and off! I really hope that the next week or so we will start letting LabiKnow customers in for beta!
      Thank you for your patience and support!
      We will post an update here next week!
      Thank you,

      • atalayyorukoglu says:

        Well, now, shall we get “Agency Plan” from here? Or will you be offering different tickets.

  • hello…
    for dealify user will got free access into labidesk because mostly needed feature is inside labidesk for support ticketing system. why u not merge into 1 solution like liveagent that im used before.. or like helpwise.

    • Aleks says:

      Hi Gelar Satya Pradana,

      Thank you for your comments!
      We will be merging Knowledge Base to the support system in LabiDesk. So it will be 1 solution with many tools in it. However and LabiKnow will remain as separate product for those who just need the Help Center, Knowledge Base and Self Service Customer Support Widget.
      Let me know if this answers your question.
      Thank you,

  • Anand says:

    Why you say feature as

    Offer live chat & emailing ticketing support to convert more leads and get happier customers.

    If you don’t offer chat and ticket system as part of the deal why its advertised then?

  • Labidesk included with the product?

    30 different websites can have different domains & agents can only view & manage there websites ?

    Admin can manage all websites tickets from single dashboard ?

    Notifications, announcements all are different for each website.
    Like my website is

    & i want to provide support to my resellers end user.

    So they can check the tickets only there websites are getting & i will solve the tickets for them.

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