Simple & powerful solution to help you convert more sales & maximize profits in an all-in-one cart solution.

Few things are sadder than checking your analytics, excited to check out your sales numbers, and seeing data on thousands of abandoning customers.

How did it come to this?

I mean, there you are, spending countless hours of work designing, optimizing, and A/B testing your online business. You’d think it would be enough to ensure good conversion rates and steadily grow your customer base.

But it isn’t.

As you may know, over 60% of buyers leave their shopping carts without buying anything.

You must focus on making your checkout so attractive, so they don’t want to leave in the first place.

Meet LeadPay.

LeadPay is a simple, yet powerful solution to help you convert more sales and boost your revenue in an all-in-one cart tool.

Create high converting cart pages, one-click sales funnels, sell monthly subscriptions, upsells, bump offers, and track your sales.


Create high converting cart pages, one-click sales funnels, sell subscriptions, and more.
Fully integrated with the tools you use. Connect with Stripe, PayPal, Zapier, Webhooks, and more.
Boost your revenue by adding upsells, order bumps, and more.
Build unlimited products at ease in the easy-to-use drag & drop product builder.

Boost your revenue with high converting cart pages, one-click sales funnels, and track your entire business at a glance

LeadPay has been created so you can start or expand their online business without needing to know code, or needing to hire expensive programmers.

With the highly intuitive control panel, you will adapt and learn how to use it in 7 minutes exactly. Whether you are selling digital products, physical goods, or services, there are no limits when it comes to growing your business.

With LeadPay you can create a cart funnel or checkout pages that are proven winners, tested and guaranteed to increase sales & profits.

You can create an unlimited amount of products, fulfillments, upsells, coupons, and more.

Build Unlimited Products At Ease in the Visual Product Builder

You have total control to make your brand look amazing, without hiring a designer or developer. Easily build checkout pages, connect your payment service like Stripe, PayPal, or Mollie, and rest assured that it will convert.

Great Looking, High Converting Modern Checkout Templates

There are only six of them at the moment, but they are tested winners guaranteed to boost your sales. The LeadPay team is constantly testing and looking for ways to improve current ones, as well as add new templates

Checkouts that are fully responsive and built for a great mobile experience

The checkout is fully optimized for any device. Lightning-fast and fully responsive to offer the best experience on both mobile- and desktop.

Boost your revenue by adding upsells, order bumps and more

Adding upsells and order bumps can increase your revenue by over 70%, simply by adding an extra offer on your checkout page.

Analytics That Will Help You To Grow

Get in-depth enterprise-level insights in your business, including live traffic and conversion rates showing you which products are converting the best for you.

Integrate LeadPay With 1,000s of Other Software You Use On A Daily Basis

LeadPay Is For anyone that wants to sell online: E-Commerce Owners, Course Creators, Self Service Business Owners, Software Founder

Sell E-Books, Webinars, Workshops, PDFs, Crash Courses, Full Online Course, Membership, Consulting Services, Marketing Packages, Advertising Services, Physical products, Software and much more.

Want to see a live demo of a checkout?

Want to see a live demo for yourself? You can find a live example here.

The product is only launched for one week, but I am already impressed by all the options. Setting it up is so simple!

Erica TaylorOnline Marketer

Set your product, connect with Stripe, create checkout page, and grow! This only took me 25 minutes. With LeadPay, I only have to worry about the delivery of my product/service.

Koen van de WeteringFounder of Adpage.io

LeadPay.io integrates perfectly with my existing tech tools. It’s so simple because it fully focuses on the checkout page.

Jeff HauserOnline trainer

LeadPay is the simple & powerful cart solution to help you convert more sales and maximize your profits.

For a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $59 one-time.

Get the deal while stock lasts!

LeadPay Agency Plan Lifetime Subscription

  • LeadPay Ultimate Plan Lifetime Subscription
  • Checkout Page, Cart & Funnel Builder
  • 5+ High Converting Checkout Templates
  • Sell unlimited different products
  • 5 users (Stackable)
  • 10 sub-accounts (Stackable)
  • 10 Custom Domains (Stackable)
  • Unlimited checkouts
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • No additional processing fees or commissions
  • 1-click upsells
  • Order bumps
  • Use checkout pages everywhere
  • Built-In Credit Card & PayPal processors
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions, Trials & Payment Plans
  • Webhooks & Zapier integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Embed checkouts on unlimited domains
  • LeadPay Branding Removal
  • Support included
  • All future updates and improvements included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

LeadPay Pro Plan Lifetime Subscription

  • LeadPay Pro Plan Lifetime Subscription
  • Checkout Page, Cart & Funnel Builder
  • 5+ High Converting Checkout Templates
  • Sell 15 different products
  • 1 Custom Domain (CNAME)
  • Unlimited checkouts
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • No additional processing fees or commissions
  • 1-click upsells
  • Order bumps
  • Use checkout pages everywhere
  • Built-In Credit Card & PayPal processors
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions, Trials & Payment Plans
  • Webhooks & Zapier integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Embed checkouts on unlimited domains
  • LeadPay Branding Removal
  • Support included
  • All future updates and improvements included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

LeadPay Starter Plan Lifetime Subscription

  • LeadPay Standard Plan Lifetime Subscription
  • Checkout Page, Cart & Funnel Builder
  • 5+ High Converting Checkout Templates
  • Sell 5 different products
  • 1 Custom Domain (CNAME)
  • Unlimited checkouts
  • Unlimited pageviews
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • No additional processing fees or commissions
  • 1-click upsells
  • Order bumps
  • Use checkout pages everywhere
  • Built-In Credit Card & PayPal processors
  • One-Time Payments, Subscriptions, Trials & Payment Plans
  • Webhooks & Zapier integration
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Embed checkouts on unlimited domains
  • LeadPay Branding Removal
  • Support included
  • All future updates and improvements included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

What does ‘stackable’ mean?

Stackable means you can purchase multiple deals to increase the limits. For example: If you buy 2 Agency plans, you will get double the limits, meaning: 10 users, 20 sub-accounts, and 20 custom domains. If you buy 3 Agency plans, you will get triple the limits, meaning: 15 users, 30 sub-accounts, and 30 custom domains, etc.

Is a public roadmap available?

Yes, you can find the roadmap here.

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future updates and integrations.

How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply sign-up and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Where can I find more information on LeadPay?

Feel free to check their website for more information on the product.

Founder’s Note

Hi everyone!

Happy to be featured on Dealify! My name is Roxy, founder of LeadPay. A smooth check-out experience is key in getting more customers. Loading speed, look-and-feel, and the user experience on the checkout page itself can make a huge difference in conversion rates.

That's why we built LeadPay. A simple, but powerful conversion optimized checkout page/funnel builder.

Excited to hear your feedback 🙂

Roxy JagerFounder of LeadPay.io


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  • Jean-Yves Fofana says:

    Hello, any plans to be back here ?

    Aside from Mollie and Stripe, is it possible to use any other payment provider ?

    Thank you !

  • Ayé says:

    Was the platform abandoned?

    Nobody is responding to the help and the carts are blocked by google security.

  • Mi says:

    Do you have an updated roadmap? How is it going with the features and templates?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Ayé says:


      They have been pretty reluctant with information regarding development.

      Could be that things are still slow with pandemic issues or they have just given less attention to this particular application and are working on other products instead.

  • Jean-Yves Fofana says:


    Is it possible to intall it on shopify (basic plan) ? Thank you !

  • Jay says:

    Can you make a list of currencies LeadPay is integrated with?

    I need GBP. ..UK currency, is it available?


  • myxpitstop says:

    HI.. do you have Malaysia currency….?
    If don’t have .. can you make it?

    Best Regards

  • STEVE says:


    On May 20 2021 Roxy said, “I am currently moving our trello roadmap to another platform and will update it there.”
    Can I have a link to that new updated roadmap?

    Also on that same date, he said, “We are currently working hard on the 1-click upsells, it is going to be amazing and we expect it to be ready in the coming weeks.”

    It’s been a couple of months since then, are the 1-click upsells ready? Also, are bump offers ready as well?


    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thank you for following up.
      The roadmap will be published on our website soon, please check it next week.

      We are almost done with the 1-click upsells. We think we found a great way to make them work and we have adjusted them a few times while testing them. If you can be patient for a couple of more weeks then I hope we wont disappoint you! Sorry that I left you with ‘the coming weeks’. I am always too positive when it comes to estimating when a new feature will be ready for release.
      Order bumps are already available in the application from launch.

  • Ayé says:

    I purchased agency deal.

    When do you all plan to move “digital product distribution” to under construction and then finishing it?

    The seller language is mislead in the idea of actually completing sells.

    This checkout does not actually deliver a product, digital or otherwise. And now stripe allows you to create checkout pages free in similar design to what leadpay offers.

    Whats the actual point of leadpay if it cannot actually retain the the product for download or minimum deliver the product via email?

    One would not have to embed the checkout on any platform that has any form of payment integration already built in. The point of having your own cart is having the delivery and pay from the same place. If leadpay is only collecting money and the product has to be delivered from entirely different platform and setup then why go through all the work when many platforms offer delivery upon payment? Again, the point of having your own cart is to not have to enter information again and again with several sources for individual products.

    I sympathize that the leadpay may be in its early stages of development still but cart delivery i feel is pretty standard and necessary.

    I honestly have no use for leadpay until direct download delivery is implemented.

    Hope that info help.

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Thank you Ayé for your feedback. As digital product delivery is currently not yet available we are considering it but are still looking for a way to offer this.
      Can I ask you for your input on this?
      Since digital product delivery is very broad there has to be some kind of ‘limit’. As we offer a checkout page and sales funnel builder we have not picked up product delivery as it is something we think is easily implemented through webhooks.
      What kind of delivery are you expecting here? A simple access code to your website, a small pdf(of a couple of MB’s) with some information, large pdf’s(100MB+), video’s, or something else?

      • Ayé says:

        Appreciate the response.

        I think its unfair to say “easily implemented with webhooks” as one could imply that it would also be easy for leadpay to implement direct integrations and avoid the necessity of having to use another additional platforms to induce actions.

        That aside.

        There are various ways digital products could be distributed from the platform. Mainly, the product can become available directly upon purchase via download from the cart after purchase similarly to how other digital product carts distribute. By email, as the platform could trigger its own outgoing messages containing digital product or link to.

        File limits would naturally exist. The limit would be dependent on the limits in hosting. You can bypass this with various cloud drive integrations but I personally do not use a mainstream cloud service.

        The various formats that can be uploaded I certainly would not limit as digital products come in variety and can be sold in multitude .

        I am not insisting that hosting the downloads means they should be viewable in platform. Simply to be delivered or extract upon purchase directly or though platform integration via the format specified or compressed zip.

        I also gave the product a 4 star review as I have no issue to its use an capabilities. However, I purchased in the idea that I could sell products from the platform similarly to thrivecart or zkart.

        Hope that info is useful.

  • kor44 says:

    I was curious if there was a support email to ask for a technical feature I am trying to solve.
    If we are in a broker capacity, to sell home services, can this tech be useful for allowing our team-members to dole out quotes as clients visit our page / portal? Is there a way to allow for suppliers (who are our approved team-members) to provide rates for the service the client asks for where then the invoice can be generated on a per-occurrence basis? We don’t have blanket rates due to the order customization and the variety of vendors so each time a client needs a quote we need to ask the roster what they can do in terms of schedule and best rate for that customer for the rental or service in question. Any feeback to solve this RFP situation would be amazing! 😀

  • James says:

    It looks good when trying the trial. Very clean and easy to navigate.

    How can I set qty for a product?
    Can the user change the quantity on checkout?
    Can you pre-fill the quantity in the url?
    Where is your roadmap?

    Thank you

    • James says:

      Is there any way to add coupon codes to products?
      How do you embed the checkout into a page?
      Can you add shipping prices?

      • Hi James,

        Thanks a lot for your questions. Happy to help!

        – Setting quantities & coupon codes is not yet possible in LeadPay, but this is planned to be developed soon.
        – The roadmap can be found here: https://trello.com/b/XRb097Fh/leadpay-roadmap
        – You can pre-fill all fields with a querystring at the end of the URL, for example: ?firstName=John&lastName=Doe
        – You can embed the checkout by using iFrame, and you can also link to the custom LeadPay checkout URL
        – Shipping prices are currently in the beta phase and will be released to all LeadPay users in the coming update.

        Hope that helps 🙂

  • Daro Khorn says:

    Hi LeadPay,

    I have a website that sell book summary subscription service. How can I integrate LeadPay with my website with my own product on my website?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Daro,

      You can integrate it quite easily by adding a product + checkout page in LeadPay. You can then simply add a ‘buy now’ button to your website page(s) and link to the LeadPay checkout URL. That’s it! 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  • RJ says:


    The Mollie integration doesn’t seem to work, or at least not with Bancontact. The form is showing everything, but when you click the button to pay, it just keeps on spinning. The console throws a lot of error messages.

    I already tried to contact Leadpay through the chat function, but never got a reply to my question to check out was was going wrong.

  • Alex says:


    i bought the agency plan. It looks promising so far.

    I dont see the agency icon for the subaccounts either. How do I contact support?
    Also, is there an ETA for the funnel builder?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dion Golotta says:

    Thanks for the reply Tom,

    I can’t seem to see how to capture residential address when setting up product.

    Also, is it possible to set up a product using the Australian Dollar (AUD)?


    • Hi Dion,

      Thanks for getting back to me and apologies for that. Could you contact LeadPay support directly in their chat widget at https://leadpay.io/? This should normally be possible + they can normally activate AUD for you.

      Hope that will help 🙂

      • Dion says:

        Hey Tomas, still no update with the AUD currency option on our product.
        Could you please help with this?

        Thanks, Dion.

  • Dion Golotta says:

    Hey there,

    Is it possible to capture full residential address of customer upon purchase – specifically in Australia?


    • Hi Dion,

      Thanks for your question. Yes you can capture the full address upon purchasing, for any country in the world. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Dion Golotta says:

        Thanks for the reply Tom,

        I can’t seem to see how to capture residential address when setting up product.

        Also, is it possible to set up a product using the Australian Dollar (AUD)?


  • Ulf says:

    Any ETA for subaccounts and team members?
    I bought the agency plan and it’s not clearly mentioned in the plan description that those are not available right now. I find this a bit misleading and would like to know if that’s coming within the next 30 days?

  • Ulf says:

    Hello, I bought the agency plan and started testing. I like what I am seeing so far.

    – how do I set up team-members and subaccounts and how getting access to them? I do not see an option for that.
    – when designing the checkpout page, leadcart branding is still visible although turned off in settings.
    – I can’t delete webhooks

    Thank you

  • ryan says:

    One other question. It says 5 products on the first plan. As example, if I had 5 products, and I was selling them for a while, and I wanted to delete one product and add another, I assume I coud do that as often as I liked as long as the total was 5 or less. Correct?

  • Izzul Syazani says:


    Please elaborate more on the 10 domain for the agency account. Does it mean each sub-account (10) going to get 1 custom domain each?

    How to get more domain if the client want more than they could have?

    Will the sub-domain get everything unlimited as the agency account? , or they can upgrade their own account after we create their sub-account?

    Is the 5 users for team members in the agency account?

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Izzul,

      The 10 domains mean that each sub account gets 1 domain.

      If they want more domains you can use another account for the extra domain.

      Sub accounts get unlimited from the agency account. So unlimited products, checkouts etc. Only 1 domain though. Their account will not need upgrading.

      5 users are accounts for the agency. So total of 5 agency users can login to manage the 10 subaccounts.

      Hope that helps!

  • Tony says:

    Hi support, i need a checkout page url to check the UX/UI. Can you help me please?

  • ryan says:

    Hi, Your product looks interesting, but it’s expensive for the unlimited plan, and thats the plan most people will want. Anyway, I am surprised that you don’t show examples of pages. I was expecting to see a demo on your website, but it is very basic. I must assume this is because you have either just launched or are starting out. It would be good either create a demo site/page or show proper screenshots of examples. Thanks.

  • Tomas says:

    Hello, how embed checkout pages works on apple phones, because normaly with inserted code apple do not work propertly, aometimes not show, sometimes not posible to click and other
    Do you can add only tiny checkout button with card number expiration date csv code and button place orrder. I need sometimes this olready i olready hawe all necesary data about user

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Tomas,
      The embedded checkout pages work through javascript.
      Do you have an example of an embedded page that does not work on apple phones?

      For your 2nd question: there will always be a minimum of input fields: first name, last name and email address. If you already have this information you can add it to the url when you link to the checkout page to automatically pre-fill them.
      You can add to the url in this way: ?firstName=John&lastName=Doe&[email protected]

      Hope that helps!


  • José Ramos Sanguino says:

    What is the biggest difference between LeadPay and PayForm,


    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi José,

      I am not known with PayForm but we accept multiple payment gateways and provide different payment methods besides creditcard and PayPal.
      Also we do not take payment fees, you only pay those to Stripe, PayPal or Mollie according to their rates.

      Hope that helps.


  • Dekos says:

    Its nearly end of May and I am yet to see any update which were promised.

    Roadmap last update: 21. Jan

    What about:
    5 users
    10 sub-accounts
    10 Custom Domains
    1-click upsells
    Embeddable checkouts?
    Api access?
    Customer portal?

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Dekos,

      The agency account is available. If you do not see the agency item in your menu please contact support with your registered email and we will enable it for you. This includes the 5 users, 10 sub accounts and custom domains.
      We are currently working hard on the 1-click upsells, it is going to be amazing and we expect it to be ready in the coming weeks.
      We have embeddable checkouts ready and are currently in the stage of testing them and how we can implement them so that you can use them in the most easy way possible.
      API access will be available but not in the next weeks, the same applies to the customer portal.
      I am currently moving our trello roadmap to another platform and will update it there.
      Hope that helps.

  • Mubashar Ali says:

    I need PayPal or Stripe to collect the payments? Or Leadpay can also collect for me?

  • Ramon l says:

    Regarding digital products, are these uploaded within the leadpay dashboard and become downloadable once a user/buyer has paid? If yes, what is the maximum file size?

    • Hi Ramon,

      Yes that is correct. There is no maximum file upload size. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Ramon says:

        Hi Tom,

        I just tried the trial/free account, created a product and tried to upload a couple of different sized files, but it tells me the max. size is 1Mib? As I have different file sizes, ranging from Mb (many) to 1.5Gb (only a couple) and everything in between (file size wise), this would not work for me. Or is the trial/free account limiting the file upload size?

        Btw, regarding currency, could the Australian dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and the Indonesian Rupiah be added as supported currencies?


    • Ayé says:

      You can’t upload products. Leadpay at the moment only acts as a checkout. I have not found a way yet to upload a digital product directly to the platform.

  • Hello,

    Does this integrate with third party payment providers like Afterpay, Humm, Laybuy, Zippay etc?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for your question. LeadPay integrates with Stripe, PayPal and Mollie. Mollie itself integrates with Afterpay and others. More payment service providers will be added soon. 🙂

  • Agustin says:

    I have few questions:

    1. Why in the LeadPay Pro Plan Lifetime Subscription you only receive one domain? It should increase from basic plan
    2. Can I create a Product that it’s free? So people can register their info to receive it without cost
    3. Do you have a demo to test it?
    4. It connected by webhooks with Pabbly?
    5. Can I use multiple subdomains in one domain?
    6. Do you have a upsell page when they buy a product so they can get a different product for cheaper price?



    • Hi Agustin,

      Thanks for your questions. Happy to help!

      1. The Pro plan is still for one domain, the agency plan would be better suited for your needs 🙂

      2. Yes that is possible!

      3. You can sign up for free at leadpay.io and try it out yourself first.

      4. You can use webhooks, and these connect with any other platform that uses webhooks, so also for Pabbly and others.

      5. You can use one cname/subdomain.

      6. Yes, you can add order bumps and upsell blocks to increase the order value 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  • Tristan says:

    Can I also use this for clients with just 1 code? If I have 5 different clients with only 1 product to sell, Can I create 5 different product checkout pages with all of them different stripe accounts?

  • Tim says:

    LeadPay Agency Plan

    Why only 5 users?

  • Ben says:


    full api access?
    iFrame checkout?
    pre-filled checkout pages?
    coupon codes?
    checkout templates builder?

    used as a SaaS billing solution?
    can or does LeadPay allow self managed billing/subscriptions?
    – can customers login to a dashboard and manage/cancel/upgrade/subscription??

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Ben,

      Api access will be available in Q3/Q4 of this year. We have other things on the roadmap that we are adding first as you are asking about.
      iFrame checkout is accepted for development and will be starting to develop in March. We call them embeddable checkouts.
      You can already pre-fill the checkout pages by adding in url parameters like ?firstName=Roxy&lastName=Jager
      We have planned the development of coupon/discount codes.

      We do not have a template builder, you can choose one of our templates. We will develop more templates in the future to meet everybody’s needs. If you still need more customization you can use the embeddable checkout.

      You can use it as a SaaS billing solution, in that you can sell subscriptions with weekly, monthly or yearly plans.
      Self managed billing/subscriptions is something that we want to add which we call the customer portal where they can manage their payment methods. Like update their creditcard information or switch to a different payment method.

  • Marcelo says:

    Hi Tom,

    Do you have BRL ( R$) Brazilian currency?

    Thank you!

  • Alaric says:

    Can I customise the checkout fields? And add in e.g. phone number was one of the checkout fields

  • Merel Pyhala says:

    How does this integrate with Kajabi? With a custom code field?
    and can you choose IDEAL payment or does it run through MOLLIE?

    • Hi Merel,

      Thanks for your question. You can use any page builder or platform you want to integrate with LeadPay, you build the checkout page in LeadPay and you can refer from any page to the checkout page in LeadPay. Yes you can select iDeal from both the Stripe and Mollie integration. Hope that helps 🙂

      – Tom

  • László Máriáss says:

    LeadPay is GDPR compliant?

  • Marcelo says:

    Hi Tom,

    Can I buy 2 codes of LeadPay Starter Plan Lifetime Subscription? I just need 10 products maximum. If I buy 2 codes can I apply and redeem them individually?

    • Hi Marcelo,

      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, that is not possible for the Starter plan. I would recommend to select the Pro plan instead, which allows for up to 15 products.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      – Tom

  • Stefano says:

    what if i need to sell 25 products?

  • Marcelo says:

    Hi Tom,

    Lead Pay looks good.

    Can use LeadPay in Portuguese language (BR)? Can I use LeadPay with Brazilian currency (Brazilian Real BRL)?

    Are you guys planning to add more features inside the Roadmap. At them moment, the roadmap is basically empty.

    Thank you and good luck!

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Marcelo,

      We have multiple language support for the checkout pages. We do not have the Portuguese language yet but if you can translate the words for us we will make sure that it will be available 24 hours laters. Translating the words(like first name, last name, billing address etc.) will only take you a few minutes.

      We support the currencies that are supported by the Payment Provider you use.

      For our roadmap: we are open to ideas from our customers and we will take them into consideration. If there is enough interest and we feel that it will be a good addition to LeadPay we will start developing it.
      So to answer your question: yes we plan on developing more features!

  • Lee says:

    Does this work with WordPress?

  • Josh says:


    Does this save your customer’s payment details in Stripe in the event you need to manually charge them in the future?

    This feature is available with Payfunnels

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your question!

      Yes the customer payment details are stored in Stripe. Manually charging them does work with credit cards but not all payment methods. For example iDeal is only for a 1-time payment and you cannot charge them again from Stripe.

      Hope that helps!

  • Thomas says:


    What is a product? Let’s say I have one service with 3 different plans (SaaS). Is this service one product or are the 3 plans 3 products?

  • Gilbert says:

    It’s interesting but on the roadmap the features “Generate and send invoices for sales” and “Automatic tax calculation based on country” are “Under consideration”.
    How we can have the guarantee that you will add these features to “Accepted for development”?
    It is extremely essential to be sure to have them one day for a product of this type.
    Thanks for answer

    • Roxy Jager says:

      Hi Gilbert, thank you for your interest and feedback.
      We already made the decision to generate and send invoices for sales. I will move it to ‘in development’ in a moment.

      The automatic tax calculation is a different one. That is very complex to do for all the tax rules in the world.
      It is possible to put in the tax yourself. So you can put in a price of example 99,- and add 15% tax to it. LeadPay will then calculate the 15% tax and add it in the checkout page.

      • Gilbert says:

        Good for invoices 🙂

        For tax, yes it’s complex but necessary. So the best compromise could be to let us the possibility to edit the tax rate with a big form and a field for each country. It’s just important that LeadPay applies a different rate depending on the IP and/or billing address indicated, knowing that different rates (for the same country) should be included in the form depending on the type of product!

        Another question (not native english) to be sure. Can LeadPay create an account (on WordPress) after a purchase and can it therefore manage a monthly subscription?
        If so, is it possible to use an API or LeadPay options to unlock access to protected content on WordPress (with a shortcode for example)?

        Thank you!

        • Roxy Jager says:

          Hi Gilbert,

          Thank you for the tax idea, sounds like a good idea!

          We cannot create accounts on WordPress natively. We do have the options of webhooks where you can pass data to your WordPress backend or you might automate it through Zapier.

          Hope that helps!

  • Ben says:

    LeadPay Ultimate Plan

    How many Custom Domains (CNAME) ?
    How many Subaccounts ?
    Team Members?

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