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Loopin is The AI Meeting Assistant that records, transcribes & summarises your meetings. #1 Product of the week & 5 stars on ProductHunt.


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With Loopin, it’s time to transform the way you look at meetings. Collaborate with ease and organization with this innovative workspace. Say goodbye to cluttered notes and forgotten next steps – Loopin generates meeting summaries and updates automatically, so you can keep your work flowing smoothly.

Remember past meetings and take advantage of ongoing projects with the past meeting recaps. Furthermore, with the ability to block time for tasks on your calendar, you can focus on getting work done without being interrupted by unnecessary meetings. Never again will meetings be a hindrance to productivity – Loopin is here to help!


Loopin is the meeting assistant with AI technology that can record, transcribe  and summarize meetings.
Transform meetings on your calendar into meeting workspaces with past meeting recaps, notes, ongoing projects, and next steps
Block time for tasks on your calendar to make sure meetings don’t get in the way of work
Best for CXOs, Sales & Marketing teams, HR Leaders Project managers, Business owners and more!

Loopin Features: #1 Automatic Meeting Summary

The Loopin’s AI Chrome Extension will automatically generate beautifully written notes that include all of the key decisions, action items, and important updates discussed during your meetings. With Loopin, you can relax knowing that everything is organized and taken care of for you.

Plus, its seamless integration with Google Meet, Gmail, and Google Calendar makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your entire meeting process without ever having to leave Google Meet.

Loopin Features: #2 Meeting Notes Inbox

You can keep and manage all of your meeting notes in one location with Loopin’s Meeting Notes Inbox. Before the meeting, you can quickly check the agenda, previous notes, and outstanding assignments.

Loopin Features: #3 Ask Loopin AI

Missed a meeting or can’t recall important details? Just “ask” LoopinAI. LoopinAI can answer questions from the transcript, so you always have the right context from any meeting summary.

Loopin Features: #4 Meeting Intelligence

You may connect similar meetings automatically and arrange all the meeting notes with Loopin’s Meeting Intelligence feature. This guarantees that neither a key fact nor an action item will ever slip your mind. You can concentrate more on the meeting while leaving the rest to Loopin.


Loopin Features: #5 Share notes

Sharing meeting notes with your team via email, Slack, or your choice workspace is super simple with Loopin. Everyone will be informed on the status of the project and will be on the same page.


Loopin Features: #6 Get Weekly Insights

Through weekly calendar metrics, Loopin gives you the option to track your progress and analyze how much time you spend on meetings and projects. Additionally, this functionality provides data on completed tasks, time saved, and overall time spent on tasks, giving you useful information to help you spot areas where your productivity may be improved.

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