Moda is the customer marketing platform that connects eCommerce firms to their Shopify store, allowing them to send personalized emails and text messages to specific client segments.


$49 one-year


Every month, growing e-commerce stores spend hundreds of dollars on client acquisition. Did you know that a good return on investment (ROI) requires 5 consumer purchases? Returning clients that make recurring purchases are valuable to eCommerce businesses.

However, how can this be scaled while keeping individualized communication? Meet Moda!

Moda connects eCommerce brands to their Shopify store with a single click and allows them to deliver personalized emails and text messages to certain client segments. Moda is an enterprise-grade customer data platform for small and medium-sized businesses that collects and syncs all of your customers’ interactions in real time.

Get Moda and expand your eCommerce business with high-converting email and SMS campaigns powered by data superpowers!


Sync over 100 customer touchpoints, including products seen, carts loaded, coupons, and more.
With 500+ pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can send emails and SMS at scale.
Activate flows: Welcome series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Upsells, and Reviews.
To accelerate growth, get real-time data across automations, campaigns, and segments.

What can you do with Moda?

Moda unifies all of your client data in an one location without requiring technical assistance – from site interactions to behaviors across your Shopify business and more:

  • sync more than 100 consumer touchpoints
  • 500+ pre-built templates and drag-drop editor to send Emails and SMS instantaneously
  • automate messages at each customer journey touchpoint
  • use 20+ pre-built segments to group customers and send messages they resonate with

How does it work?

You can access all of your client data in one spot after linking your Shopify store to Moda. However, the true magic begins with parts!

Moda will help you not only understand your clients, but also make their habits actionable by segmenting them depending on their behaviors. Get a complete picture of what your consumers like or dislike, as well as their events and actions in your business, from the products they saw in your site to cart abandonments, to mention a few.

The platform has pre-built segments that categorize customers as Loyal Customers, VIP Customers, At-Risk Loyal Customers, and others.

With Moda’s no-code segment builder, you can create specific segments based on your business use case. Example: “Shoppers in New York, purchased 3 times, in the last 45 days”.

1000+ prebuilt templates across channels

Moda’s extensive library has over 1000 templates that you may completely customize, saving you time and effort.

Stock photos, blocks, words, brand colors, and other elements can be added to the email builder.

With Data Superpowers, you may increase your revenue by up to 40% by employing email and SMS

Moda’s top features will help you win the eCommerce race:

  • Automated Flows – set up multiple flows like Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Product Upsells and more, based on your business goals across the customer journey
  • Campaigns –  whether it’s a holiday or a seasonal sale promotion, you may include discounts, rewards, and other incentives in your efforts to increase conversions
  • Insights and Dashboards – discover client pain areas and develop tailored retention efforts to reduce churn and increase conversions

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their revenue goals

I have been using Moda for the past few months to send emails to my customers. It offers a great UI/UX which makes it really easy to navigate and use the features. It also has a great mail builder which makes it very easy to create and customize emails.
I also want to give a special shout-out to Moda's customer success team. They have been incredibly helpful and responsive, taking the time to answer my questions and guide me through the process. Overall, Moda is a great tool that I highly recommend.


We've used used Mailerlite before this and the transition has been easy and worthwhile. Moda's email builder allows creating templates and launching campaigns quick without dependencies. We're happy and would strongly recommend Moda! 🙂

Bombay Island Coffee Co.

We've been able to automate a lot of our previously manual work. This is saving us time and efforts while delivering better results.
Quick and prompt support has helped us understand the functionalities better and resolve queries.


Their team helped me understand my business metrics and also recommended campaigns and automation to grow my repeat purchase rate.


How can I activate the deal?

After purchasing you will get a unique activation code in your mailbox. Simply follow the instructions on your email and your deal is activated!

What if I’m not 100% satisfied?

We offer a hassle-free 30-day Credit Back Guarantee, just drop us a message and we will make sure to process the refund as soon as possible.

Which eCommerce platforms do you integrate with?

Currently Moda only integrates with Shopify Stores. They’re coming soon with Woocommerce & many more App integrations. Check the public roadmap here.

What Will Be The Price After 1 Year?

After 1 year, you can either purchase another Dealify plan, or move to Moda’s monthly pricing.

Will I Get Access To Future Updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future features for the said plans.

Does Moda offer Support?

Yes, Moda offers 24×7 support on chat & Email. You can even book meetings with the support & product expert team.

Founder’s Note

Hi everyone, this is Rohit from Moda.

We started Moda to help eCommerce & DTC brands drive up to 40% of their revenues with Email & SMS.

A simple tool, with drag-n-drop editors & 100s of templates - powered by an enterprise grade CDP. That’s our magic under the hood - know everything your users & customers are doing - from site interactions to behaviors across your support, review, subscriptions and shipping apps!

🔌 Connect your shopify store to reveal 100+ customer touchpoints: products viewed, cart abandons.
💌 Send personalised Emails & SMS at scale, that drive revenue.
💫 Pick from 500+ pre-built Email & SMS templates, or use our drag-n-drop editor.
🍾 Turn on flows: Welcome series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Upsells, Reviews.
⭐ 20+ pre-built segments from Loyals to Churn Potentials - truly personalize msgs.

Check this 👉 How to create Automations on Moda that mints more $$$ from your eCommerce customers:

RohitFounder @Moda


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