Skyrocket your sales with the AI-based WooCommerce plugin that generates offers, upsells, discount campaigns for your store automatically. Designs, copywriting, conditional logic, and more – all done for you.


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$79 one-time $899

Thousands of extra dollars in minutes of work

Generating offers for your customers is hard, time-consuming, and expensive.

Offermative is the only tool that lets you create fully automated up-sells, cross-sells, and discount campaigns with AI for your WooCommerce store.

Simply launch the generated offer campaigns and you’ll notice a boost in sales and average order value within days.

This powerful tool does it all for you – from engaging customers to upselling them at each step along the way!

It’s like having a full-time growth marketer in your team at no cost!


Generate offers, upsells, and discount campaigns for your WooCommerce store fully automatically with AI.
The Offermative AI completes 15+ tasks for you automatically, from designs, copywriting, conditional logic, and more.
Track the additionally generated revenue of the AI-campaigns inside your dashboard.
It’s like having a full-time growth marketer in your eCommerce team at no cost.

Step 1: Offermative generates offers, designs, copywriting, targeting rules – everything – for you

The Offermative AI does more than just what you could do yourself.

It creates and automatically generates 15+ tasks for your campaign from the ground up – including copywriting, campaign design, coupon creation & conditional logic as well!

Every time you click the “Generate Campaigns” button, your store is given a fresh batch of ready-to-go live campaigns.

Step 2: Launch the high converting campaigns within minutes

The Offermative offer-making machine can generate any type of proven and high-converting campaign, such as:

  • Upsell campaigns
  • Cross-sell campaigns
  • Order bump
  • Cart bump
  • Percentage / flat discount coupons
  • Amazon-like related product recommendations
  • Frequently bought together
  • Category based suggestions
  • Instant coupons
  • Sitewide sale
  • And much more

You can even run micro-offers. No need to run bumper discounts all the time, Offermative can run highly targeted offers on hundreds of products.

Simply select which AI-generated campaigns you like to try, and hit ‘Publish’!

Step 3: See the additionally generated revenue inside your dashboard & scale-up!

Now the fun part starts! Watch the results and additionally generated revenue inside your dashboard.

Visitors, conversion, split testing, order sync – you can learn a lot just by running lots of small offers and observing results.

Simply stop any lower performing campaigns, and scale up the campaigns that show exceptional results.

Keep running campaigns and keep growing customers and revenue with Offermative!

Stunning high-converting campaign designs & copy

It's like having a full-time growth marketer in your team at no cost!

Offermative is the only offer generation AI that will actually help you to skyrocket your sales. Start making thousands of extra dollars each month by using Offermative for your store.

Normally you would pay up to $399/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $49 one-time.

Get the deal while the limited stock lasts!

Offermative Premium Lifetime Subscription

  • AI-powered Offer & Campaign Generation Plugin for WooCommerce
  • 20 sites
  • Generate unlimited campaigns
  • Discount offers
  • Upsells, cross-sells & product recommendations
  • Order bumps, cart bumps, giveaways
  • Popups, inline, header-footer bars, notifications
  • Advanced targeting options
  • All the designs and rules
  • Multilingual support
  • Tracking, analytics, and offer management
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Credit Back Guarantee

$79 $899


Can I edit and finetune the generated campaigns?

Yes, of course! You can edit and tweak all generated campaigns to make them even better.

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes, you will get access to all future updates for Offermative that are mapped in your plan.

Is this really a one-time payment and I will get lifetime access? No monthly fees at all?

Yes, this is correct! This is a limited-time promotion that will give you lifetime access to Offermative. You’ll never have to pay for any monthly or yearly fees.

I can hear you thinking. How it’s possible? Why would software platforms do that in the first place?

There are several reasons why; one of them being an effortless way to quickly expand their user base and build with feedback and insights from users. Another reason for this approach is to spread awareness for the software platform, which will help platforms grow into a booming business in no time! There are other reasons as well – these just happen to be some common ones.

Where can I find more information on Offermative?

Feel free to check their website for more information on the product.

Founder’s Note

Hi all👋

This is Nirav from Offermative.

It takes a lot of time to run good offers, but it is key to running a successful eCommerce businesses.

What products to promote? Who to target? Should you give discount or not? And then writing headlines, designing, coding…

There are lots of complex and expensive steps.

You also don't want to show irrelevant, frequent and annoying offers that can decrease the number of checkouts. And since getting offers right is a lot of work, we just give up and miss out on big revenue.

This is why we built Offermative. We automate the full hassle around campaigns and offers for WooCommerce.

Looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback 🙂

Nirav MehtaFounder @ Offermative


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Questions & Comments


  • Marcel says:

    Is the recommendation engine automated with AI? Could you elaborate how does it work? Reading the copy is not clear to me if it’s only the copy that’s AI generated or is also the case for upsells, cross sells etc

  • bonbear says:

    I Can’t sign-up and still no answer, I will refund

  • bonbear says:

    Hi, can’t sign-up, I pasted the URL and code, but nothing happened,

  • marketinginsights55 says:


    I’d like to get some informations:

    Q: what mean 20 sites ?

    Q: how do i give licence to my customres ?

    Q: do I give my clients access (user and password) to the portal?

    Q: Can Set Up Their Accounts From Within MY Reseller Panel?

    Q: is there a SaaS element as well in this or is it completed self hosted and WordPress Dependent?

    Q: Is there any way to use it for non-WordPress sites too?

    Q: Do you have Shopify apps too and is it going to work with Shopify store?

    Thank you & looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Abdul Salam Ahmed says:

    Hi… Does Offermative has a feature (display) to show something like ” Shop $20 more to get free shipping” or “$20 remaining till free shipping is unlocked” ? This can be a huge selling point for most customers. 🙂

  • Luis says:

    Does it woks in spanish or italian?

    • Tom van den Heuvel says:

      Hi Luis,

      Thanks for your message. You can translate everything to any language you want, also Spanish or Italian. Hope that helps 🙂

  • itsj2o says:

    Hi Guys,

    Offermative looks great but I wondered about the discount code functionality. Can you tell me if its possible for the system to generate unique, 1 use discount codes? I would like to use this to gather user data like name/email and offer a discount if they submit their details. The discount needs to be valid for only 1 usage though. Can I achieve that with Offermative?


    • Akshat says:


      Currently, it is not possible with Offermative. Have taken this as a suggestion. Btw…you can use Offermative to show discount based on cart total, product categories, customer lifetime value. That can also give you more conversions.

  • Itay Ben-David says:

    do you support RTL (right to left) ?
    and where do i see the campaigns in action? in the demo and all the screenshot we can only see the setup, but nothing about the users’ experience.


  • Akshat says:

    Hi Timothy,

    Currently, there’s no provision to customize generated offers for style elements.

    We may add customization option later.

  • Akshat says:

    Hi Cristopher,

    Currently, there’s no rule to show a discount based on abandoned cart. However, you can show discount based on cart total, product present in cart, product quantity in cart and other rules.

    Offermative doesn’t integrate via Zapier or Pabbly. However it wil work with other WooCommerce plugins that enhance the sales funnel. You can reach out to us here – as to what you exactly need.

    Here’s what in our roadmap –
    Updating colors for messages in offer campaigns
    Show offers based on acceptance/rejection of previous offer
    Show offers based on triggers like exit intent, time spent on site
    Email notifications updates related to expired/new campaigns + campaigns summary reports
    Offer rules based on custom taxonomies
    Offer multiple products

    Hope this helps.

  • Timothy Burgin says:

    I checked out the demo but I don’t see a way to change the graphics or to change the font sizes and styles for the generated offers. Is that possible with this plug-in?

  • Cristopher González says:

    Hello, do you have a rule to show the user a discount or similar if he presents an abandoned cart?

    It can be integrated with other systems through Pabbly or Zapier ?.

    Do you have a roadmap to see future changes?


  • virallypage says:

    What about Shopify? Do you have Shopify apps too and is it going to work with Shopify store?

    • Tom van den Heuvel says:


      Thanks for your question. It only works for WooCommerce at the moment. Hope that helps 🙂

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