EasyFlow Lifetime Subscription

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You have data – probably lots of it. That’s not the problem.

The real problem data is basically worthless unless you turn that data into insights – and that insights into automated action, without pain!

Easyflow will help you succeed with this journey by allowing you to automate everything and visualise anything!

It’s a drag-and-drop solution, no development skills required.

So what can you do with Easyflow?

– Create one-to-one or advanced multi-step automated workflows that will allow you to automate important processes such as marketing campaigns, onboarding, providing customer service, conducting training, integration between apps, and more…

– Build visual charts and KPI dashboards from your data allowing you to monitor, report performance, understand trends and transform data into actionable insights.

– Turn raw data to timely and meaningful information –> ETL

NB: Generous credits reward program for LTD community. (Up to 5x times of your purchased tier)

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