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10 reviews for StartHost StartUp Lifetime Plan

  1. hossam.spore

    It is good I am with them from 2 years , and the technical support is so good and helpful.

  2. No name

    Their own web is slower than turtle.
    It takes forever to jump on another page.
    Not worth even free.

  3. salam jameel

    no support and old system even it is free not worth only if you like to play and learn and you have bad internet any way i asks for refund in less than 24h ther many other alot faster and cost 1$ a m

  4. Peter M.

    Looking good so far. I think my hosting account initially didn’t get set up automatically but a ticket to support had it sorted out. I had a need to restore an old site for a client to muck around with, but it’s quite large, around 40GB. But I’ve had no trouble getting it uploaded and set up. The admin interface is fine. Speed seems to be generally very good. The only annoyance I’ve hit is that it won’t let you provision an automatic SSL cert unless you change your nameservers to theirs and I didn’t want to, so I had to buy a cheap cert from elsewhere and install it. WordPress is reporting PHP memory limit as 256MB (another review said it was less than that but I see 256MB). I can’t comment on email functionality as I haven’t used it. So far, I’m very happy with the hosting, especially considering the price.

  5. Jacek

    Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v3 octa-core processors
    This is a very old processor and no longer produced.
    Are you planning something newer❓

  6. Ardalion Michalak

    Like- speed, good software, fairy quick support
    Dislike- limitations:
    email eccount max 10 GB,
    PHP’s max_execution_time setting cannot be changed > 300 – autoupgrade Presta won’t work.
    PHP memory_limit is inferior to 256 MB- cannot change the setting.

  7. seiha (verified owner)

    Good Host for me Cambodia. Low price for Starter

  8. Sam

    Do you have the option for a remote MYSQL DATA base

  9. alexben575 (verified owner)

    Great hosting I love it

  10. alexben575 (verified owner)

    Great hosting I love it

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