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Testlify effectively screens and compares large numbers of candidates in order to quicken your hiring process.


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Testlify is the ideal option for talent assessment. With a large test library, you may access a variety of pre-built assessments spanning a wide range of skill sets and job roles. This means you can assess candidates for certain capabilities fast and efficiently, saving you time and resources during the recruitment process.


Create a diversified team

Say goodbye to unintentional bias. Allow all applicants an equal and unbiased opportunity to prove their abilities. Our examination eliminates unintentional bias in your screening process and identifies hidden gems from under-represented backgrounds.

Identify top talent three times faster

Testlify can improve your initial screening process by up to 75%. Save time for both recruiting managers and the talent acquisition team. According to our findings, organizations have seen an 82% reduction in time to hire.

Designed to achieve a high completion rate

Our evaluations are low-stress and adaptable, taking only 30 minutes to complete. This is why more than 80% of applicants pass the test, which is 2-3 times higher than conventional evaluations. Testlify is the most user-friendly evaluation tool for candidates.

Test on-the-job skills

Over trick questions, test candidates for on-the-job abilities to find the most competent candidates.
Try our library of questions meant to test for fit rather than algorithm memorization. Create a role-specific evaluation to put your applicants through their paces.

Make hiring enjoyable by utilizing accurate, automated, and unbiased deep analysis

Testlify provides a growing collection of 650+ exams covering a wide range of skills and industries, all produced by subject matter experts.
You can use our provided templates to aid you in creating an assessment, or you can create your own using any combination of exams.

All of our tests are classified into eight major categories:

  • Role Specific
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Language
  • Situational
  • Engineering
  • Personality & Culture

Each of these areas will have a list of applicable skills assessments. You can also examine exams based on employment roles to determine which skills to test.

Create Assessment Easily

Even with our extensive exam library, you may need to ask particular questions about the position you have open. Testlify allows you to add your own questions to an exam to fine-tune how you evaluate each candidate.

Multiple-choice questions are popular but to further grasp the breadth of candidates’ expertise, you may need to ask them to submit long-form responses.
You have the following options when developing custom questions in Testlify:

  • Open Ended Questions for essay questions
  • Video Response Questions
  • Multiple Choice with Single answer
  • Multiple Choice with Multiple Answers
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides questions
  • Live coding questions
  • Upload File Response
  • Typing tests

No matter how difficult the function for which you are hiring, Testlify’s multimedia questions let you to better understand each candidate’s potential, allowing you to hire the best people every time.

Our talent tests help you make better applicant comparisons, accelerate selection, and prevent spending time interviewing the wrong people.

Create and conduct live coding tests with ease

Testlify makes it simple to build and conduct live coding tests to assess a candidate’s programming abilities in real time. Our live coding examinations are designed to imitate real-world coding scenarios and examine a candidate’s technical abilities thoroughly.

You can customise your tests to your individual needs and requirements by using a variety of computer languages and frameworks.

Advanced Proctoring

Testlify is the advanced proctoring solution designed to protect the integrity of pre-employment assessments. With Testlify, you can rest assured knowing that your assessments are being conducted in a secure and fair manner. The advanced security measures, such as mitigating cheating concerns and maintaining assessment integrity, ensure that candidates receive accurate and unbiased evaluations. Testlify provides the reassurance you need that your assessments are conducted fairly and securely.

ATS Integrations

Testlify is a component of the hiring process. And we understand how difficult it may be to manage all parts of your hiring. Perhaps you already use an ATS to handle your recruitment process and are wondering if Testlify will connect with your current workflow.

Now you can stop wondering.

Testlify can currently link with over a thousand ATS platforms, including: Recruitee, JazzHR, Greenhouse, Lever, Comeet, Zoho recruit.

Additionally, Testlify may be used in conjunction with Zapier to create more flexible automation to reduce task duplication and manual intervention.

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